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Holiday Music: The Random Playlist & Not so Random Math

June 18, 2021

USE The Random Number Spinning Wheel HERE


Here’s Mathspig’s Play List with links:

1. Angie McMahon, Melb, AUS      Pasta

2. San Cisco, WAust                      Skin

3. Go Get Mum, Melb, AUS           Phone, Key, Wallet

4. Shirley Kovacs, Netherlands      Sound of the Underground

5. The Teskey Brothers, Vic           Hold Me

6. The Dead South, Canada           In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company

7. The Staves, UK                           The Long Run

8.  Cat Clyde, Canada                     Mama Said

9. Mojo Juju, Melb, AUS                  Train Along the Hawkesbury

10. Marlon Williams, NZ                   Hello Miss Lonesome

11. Syzygy, Melb, AUS                      The Pendulum

12. Vampire Weekend, USA              Harmony Hall


Happy Mathsy 2021

January 1, 2021

Mathspig LOVES maths. However, 2020 was a year ruled by MATHS and Mathspig is happy to kiss it goodbye.



Numb and Number: The Math!

March 25, 2019

From Philosophy Matters


Trick 4: How to be a Mathematical Clairvoyant

June 22, 2018

How to be a Mathematical Clairvoyant

Requirements: Spooky music and spooky look.

You will find some spooky music here.

Tell your students you will beat them  adding up 5 x 5 digit numbers in your head when they are using calculators.


1. Ask a student to write down 2 x 5-digit numbers on the board.

2. You rapidly write a 5-digit number underneath.

3. Ask another student to write another 5-digit number.

4. You write another 5-digit number quickly.

5. You have 5 by 5 digit numbers. Say ‘Go’. You instantly write down the answer.

Stand back.

This is how it works:

N1 = 97413

N2 = 28619

N3 = 71380  (Each digit in N3 that you write down must add up to 9 with digits in No. above)

N4 = 64231

N5 = 35768  (Once again each digit in N5 must add up to 9 with digits above)

Now you will instantly write down the sum of these five numbers as


Da! DA!

The trick is to subtract 2 from N1 and put it in front:

N1 = 97413

N1 -2 = 97411

Sum of 5 numbers = 297411

This is why it works:

Hint: When you get your students to add up the five 5-digit numbers on a calculator you will beat them, but they will also get many different answers as a number of students will key incorrect numbers.

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Sasha a little dog with a BIG, BIG ID Number!

March 28, 2018

This exercise works best if for homework the middle school students count the digits in their own cell phone, passport, bill code or some other number. They don’t have to show the passport or bill. They just have to count the digits.