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4. The Spit Radius or How Far are You Gonna Split to Avoid a Spit Hit!

February 4, 2011

Kids often threaten to spit on other kids with spit globs, pips or mushed up paper. How far should a kid stand back from the spitter?

Spit will travel in a parabola EXCEPT into or with the windor out the window of a traveling car………

Look at the parabola. To have the spit glob travel further the spitter should aim up in the air!!!

You’ve been warned.

The Guinness Book World Record for spitting a Watermelon Pip stands at stands 68 feet and 9 1/8 inches or 20.96m and was  set by Lee Wheells of Luling in 1989.

If you think this is all for fun, you are dead wrong mister. Watermelon spitting in Luling is serious business. There are official seed-spitting songs and yells: “Come on everybody, take a look, (insert name) gonna spit into the record book….”

Check out the next Watermelon Thump Championship at Luling, Texas on their website.

Meanwhile, you might just check out your own spitting distance at home … and use it as a spit distance safety benchmark.

Note: A mobile spit will travel further. Why?


1.You can duck bullets.

November 16, 2009

  007 Karen Ballard Brisbane Times

When creeping around looking for a baddie in a house/apartment/disused factory our hero can duck a bullet. Especially good at ducking bullets are spy heroes James Bond and Jason Bourne.

Speed of a bullet stats: The Physics Fact Book T Bolt Target-Varmint

Rifle Shown: .22 Rimfire T-Bolt Target/Varmint

bullet Correction

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I Got The Speed Camera Blues

August 27, 2009

red lit fine Correction

You won’t want one of these!! Mathspig went through a red light. This is how it works. No excuses. It is against the law. Mathspig was making a right hand turn too late. But I was shocked to see I’d driven through a red light by 0.9 sec. Doesn’t sound much so … I did the calculations.


Ivy Pig 4 Correction



NewM3_MaxxSport_HatchHere is Mathspig’s car.




 Thanks to Ivy, 7, for her picture of Mathspig driving. Maybe, I’m a road hog.



  Now lets do some maths.


red lit maths 1 Correction





red lit maths 2 Correction


I was shocked. At 60 kph I travelled 15m in 0.9 secs.


Mathspigs do some calculations of your own. How far would a car travel in 0.9 secs at a speed of 70kph, 100kph or a law breaking 140kph?

The moral to this story mathspigs is TAKE CARE ON THE ROADS. There are idiots out there and, unfortunately, mathspig was one of them!!!!!!


And the point is …….

June 10, 2009

Point A    
















Did mathspig teach this student????? Maybe, I heard enough whinging in class. But as I explained. I loved maths like a pig in shxt. Find x. But what can teachers do for students who don’t see the point? You can go into lecture mode saying that maths is needed for Blah! Blah! Blah!

Chances are the boooooored students won’t listen. What’s the point of doing maths? Mathspig has the answer. Make maths fun. Start with fun. And end with fun.

So here is a motivational exercise Mathspig used on Fun Friday. It suits students from Year 5 to Year 8. I call it:

Random Object Bingo.

 You Will need: Small prizes and a list of questions.

To answer a question kids must hold up a random object found on them or on their desk. eg. The first person to hold up a…… purple pencil, red paper clip, fake tattoo, grey sock (very funny antics follow), drawing of a motorbike, etc You will know what sort of objects kids carry.

The first person to hold up the found object gets to answer the Q. If they get it right. They get a small prize. Kids love this game. It has that treasure hunt feel.



caution_tnsWARNING: The only mistake mathspig made while playing this game with Year 7 was to say – MID-GAME- ‘the first student to hold up …. Matthew stop pushing ……” You guessed. Within the blink of an eye, four boys held up Matthew!