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Maths Doesn’t Have to be the UGLY DUCKLING?

June 1, 2016

Mathspig Fairy Petunia Pigsnort

Even small children can think maths is hard work.

But it can be just as much fun as any other subject

if we use our imagination.

Maths does not have to be the UGLY DUCKLING

of school work.


A Maths Fairy Tale for Grade 2

May 12, 2016

A Maths FAiry Tale Mathspig

Once upon a time, Grade 2 students did very boring work in maths. And they had to do lots of tests too.


Sometimes evil witches wrote the test questions. These Year 2 (Grade 2) questions were very, very scary. Here is one of those very scary questions. It was so scary lots of people turned into angry birds when they saw this question. The angry birds tweeted that this question is ” too hard’. Tweet! Tweet! (The Telegraph , UK, 9 May, 2016)

A very wise old Mathspig worked out the answer.

X -19 +17 = 63

                X = 65

Mmmmm, this is a scary question for Grade 2. 

Many Grade 2 teachers are Wonderful Maths Wizards. They make maths magical and fun everyday. Students must sharpen their pencils and put on their wizards thinking hats to practise their maths. But maths can be magical and fun too. So here is:


by Mathspig

A Wonderful Maths Wizard teacher can read the story out loud and the little Grade 2 Maths Wizards can write down their answers.


Tooth Fairy Math Mathspig 1

Tooth Fairy Mathspig 2a

Printable Version below.

A Maths Fairy Tale 1

A Maths Fairy Tale 2

A Maths Fairy Tale 3


Top 10 Funny Maths Videos

September 10, 2010

James Blunt : Love Triangle

That’s Mathematics  Song plus Maths Mistakes Galore!!!

Mad TV Funny Maths video

Tom Lehrer:  New Maths

Fab I will derive Song

Weird but funny!

I am Algebra

How to AVOID the Top Ten Algebra Mistakes

by Following these Top Ten Algebra Rules

Black Adder Addition

Fractions to Beatles Song

And now for our Celebrity Top of the Pops:

Simba Sings a Maths Song


Friday Maths Madness

August 25, 2009

piglet_tns  Introducing FRIDAY MATHS MADNESS for Maths Piglets (Prep – Grade 2)

  It is Friday, the weather is improving, it’s time to take maths outside. You mathspigs know about Gardner and Multiple Intelligences. This week’s exercise involves kinesthetic learning.


shirt 2

shirt 1

     Thanks to mathspigs Sophie and Ivy, both 7, for the Pig Art. Now to maths business.

Evey kid in the class should have a shirt with a number. Most schools have a set of  soccer, Aussie rules, basketball shirts or singlets. Or you can to choose one number each between 1 and, say, 25 or the size of the class. Students can draw the number on an A4 sheet and tape it to their chest.  You can make two teams and score the game or just have some random fun. If you score a game appoint an official scorer. It’s good for their maths.


Sophie Pig Correction

   You can do +, – , X, / .

Kid run_tns

  Friday Maths Madness 1:  Put two kids from one team in the middle of both teams. Say 7 , 8. Then yell ADD. The answer has to run out to the middle. Or yell take away. Again the answer must run to the centre for the team to score. Make up the sums as you go along. Note: Madness increases when answers aren’t available. (1 Point for correct ‘running’ answer. )


Friday Maths Madness 2: This time the answer is in the middle of the two teams. Again call out add … the first two numbers to run out get a point each. Repeat. You can also yell take away etc. (1 Point for each correct answer)


Friday Maths Madness 3: Now everyone in a team has to form an even number with another student. This should work like musical chairs. There may be one odd student. Then they have to form odd numbers with a pair. ( 1 point  for each pair.)

shirt 3

Ivy Pig 1a Correction


Friday Maths Madness 4: This is about times tables. Line up the teams. Call out for all… 3 times tables numbers to go in the middle. Repeat for 2, 4, 5 etc. ( 1 point for each team with correct answers in numerical order)

Friday Maths Madness 5: This is a time trial. Ask teams to form a line from the lowest to the highest number. Then yell ready set go. You can do this for evens only, odds only.  (5 points for correct numerical lines.)

Friday Maths Madness 6: Ask each team to send out the numbers that they think add up to your age!!!! That should be entertaining. Tell them you are going to take away lots of points if they make you too old or too young. Ham it up!!!!!!


It’s the Game of Pig for Maths Piglets?????

June 17, 2009

piglet_tns  Mathspig would like to thank Isobella and Georgia both 9 years old of Cottesloe , Perth, WA who let me have these wonderful drawings of pigs to put on this mathspig blog. 

kid pig 1 Correction




What better way to celebrate such go0d mathspig work than to introduce you to 

THE GAME OF PIG on website. #mce_temp_url#

It can be played by maths piglets and all the members of the family. By the way, don’t think pigs are stoopid… this one might out smart you.

kid pig 3 Correction

 Thanks Isobella and Georgia!!!!! 

img051 Correction


Go to sleep counting Porsches?

May 28, 2009

piglet_tns     Here is an online counting game for Grade 1 Maths Piglets by Cynthia Lanius.heart-688

     It is very simple ….. but there is no counting fingers … or even sheep.   #mce_temp_url#

   Maths Piglets get to count beating hearts, tap dancing frogs and even Porsches!!!!!!! 


Fatlady_tns   Now  everybody sing along: What the world needs now is people who can count …. not just for one, but for everyone. What the world needs now is ……


I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles …. Strange Behaviour But Fun too !!!!!

May 11, 2009

Here is an online game for smart little maths piglets….. Grade 1 – 3. piglet_tns




A part of Mathspig’s mission is to bring fun into the classroom at every level.  Here is a great FREE on line maths game  for  maths piglets from Grade 1 – 3. It is simply called Magic Bubble. bubbles

It’s about ordering numbers with a MAGIC BUBBLE. #mce_temp_url#  


bubblesNot as easy as you first think, Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!