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Mathspig is dedicated to making maths exciting for ALL students and not just the maths stars.

Doing maths is like playing basketball. You get the skills at school. You practice shooting hoops, dribbling the ball and more. This is the text book maths. Then you play the game. This is the Real World Maths. Often in the classroom we forget to give students real life problems to solve. They are forever practising their skills but never playing the game. Mathspig  provides real life scenarios students can solve using basic maths!!!! This is good PR for maths. It shows students that maths counts. You can do cool things with maths!!!!!Mathspig 1

Mathspig believes that students can learn maths in the same way they learn IT skills – by playing around. Kids shouldn’t worry about making mistakes  but rather charge in and have a go. Unlike a maths text there are no answers at the back of the book. Teachers or students can, however, post their answers on this Blog or e-mail mathspig directly:


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