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Crazy Guy uses Infrared Sensors on Xbox Kinect to create WoW! Synth-Pop VIDEO

August 7, 2022

The aim of this post is to show middle school math students that MAPPING is used in the REAL WORLD of Synth-Pop Music Video Production.

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Holiday Music: The Random Playlist & Not so Random Math

June 18, 2021

USE The Random Number Spinning Wheel HERE


Here’s Mathspig’s Play List with links:

1. Angie McMahon, Melb, AUS      Pasta

2. San Cisco, WAust                      Skin

3. Go Get Mum, Melb, AUS           Phone, Key, Wallet

4. Shirley Kovacs, Netherlands      Sound of the Underground

5. The Teskey Brothers, Vic           Hold Me

6. The Dead South, Canada           In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company

7. The Staves, UK                           The Long Run

8.  Cat Clyde, Canada                     Mama Said

9. Mojo Juju, Melb, AUS                  Train Along the Hawkesbury

10. Marlon Williams, NZ                   Hello Miss Lonesome

11. Syzygy, Melb, AUS                      The Pendulum

12. Vampire Weekend, USA              Harmony Hall


Real World Maths: Surds and all that jazz …

November 23, 2020

Eddie Woo is an Aussie Maths teacher who runs his own Youtube Channel. So popular is this channel in October 2015, Woo won the NSW Premier’s Prize for Innovation in Science and Mathematics. This youtube clip won’t tell you where you will use surds, but it does something magical.

It compares surds to different kinds of music to help students understand why mathematicians go crazy over the concept of surds. This clip tells why maths is soooooo special. There is no guesswork or fake information in this maths. Maths must be accurate. And surds demonstrate this point. (Look for the 5 min mark)

Will you use surds in real life?

Maybe. Probably, not. But surds are used in mathematical programs that demand accuracy. eg. engineering skyscrapers, building satellite dishes, and even in video games. But you won’t see them. Like so much mathematics surds will be hidden in some algorithm.

Here are two Examples:

1. The Golden Ratio:

Often written a 1:1.61 the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence appears in art and nature and has an aesthetic appeal to the eye, but the accurate ratio is:

2. The Quadratic Function

Satellite dishes, headlights, torches, and bridges all designed using the parabolic arc. The parabola is defined by the quadratic function and sometimes solving for x produces an irrational no. namely a surd. Rounding off can introduce inaccuracies that can become more dramatic when scaled up to the sie of, say, a bridge. 


Real World Maths: Geometry, Heavy metal + Headbangers Heads

October 4, 2020

Are Headbangers Neck Wreckers?……..

Check out the Maths!

pic 1 headbanging-AWG4JT_188x156

The NHS reports that Australian Researchers Declan Patton and Andrew McIntosh, Uni of NSW, have conducted a study into brain and neck injuries of headbangers published in the British Medical Journal.

pic 2 headbanger hair pic

Concerts included as part of the study included Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, The Hell City Glamours, L.A. Guns, Ozzy Osbourne, Winger, Ratt, Whitesnake, and W.A.S.P.

Here’s Motorhead with a ‘nice’ moshpit.


140 BPM for Ace of Spades. Motorhead BPM range is 91 – 203 

The Headbanger Study Concluded:

1. Head movement of more than 75o for an average heavy metal beat will cause head and neck injuries. This movement causes headache and dizziness.

 2. Beats above 130 bpm (beats per minute) cause neck injury.

The average headbanging song has a tempo of about 146 beats per minute (bpm).

and according to Mathspig:

3. Being punched up in the mosh pit. Do you need maths for that conclusion?

Researchers recommendations:

1. Reduce range of head and neck movement

2. Headbang to a  slower tempo

3. Wear a neck brace. (Isn’t a bad hair cut enough?)

Headbanger Rates Exercise:

How many headbeats per song of 5mins would a headbanger manage for the following song tempos?

Mathspigs excited. Look there is a band called Mutemath!!!!!!!! And here they are:



Just to show that there is something spookily primitive about headbanging here is Headbanger Baby:


Real World Maths: Fractions & Guitar Sizes

September 11, 2020

Guitar Gear Finder.

Cool kid plays Stairway to Heaven solo!


Real World Maths: Decimal Places + Spotify

August 27, 2020

Here (below) is the fabulous  Melbourne group, Syzygy.

Released Today their fabulous album, The Pendulum. 

Really. Listen.

Mathspig lervs this music and also the ‘mathsy’ album cover too!!!!

But how much money do musicians earn via streaming services like Spotify?

The following information can be found at Business Insider.

What do you think mathspiggies? Is this fair?

If a group managed 20 million streams, which would be sensational, what would they earn?