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September 25, 2015

Mathsppig does worksheets Helloooo my lovely wombats, 

I started this blog several years ago because I found myself trying to convince teachers that maths could be fun, FUN, FUN at conferences. Sometimes it was like talking to a carton of eggs. So I had to show teachers that maths could be fun. With over 900,000 hits, you could say, my evil plan worked. After several years of blogging, I had an epiphany. Having studied maths at university for 5 years, then teaching maths  for 10 years up to and including Year 12, suddenly, I realised I never wanted to know the answer to any maths problem I solved. I simply wanted to get the answer right and move on.

I taught in some tough high schools. On my first day at one high school a student threw a bike off a roof. Now I understand their rage. I loved maths from day 1, but only a small % of students love maths for the challenge. It’s like Latin, a dead language, to many students and therefore ‘booooring’.

So now I concentrate on the TOUGH YEARS: Middle School. Students want to know the answer to the questions I ask. eg. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE A 14 YO TO BLEED TO DEATH? It’s a great graph. They want to I know the answer! I aim to make the maths REAL, RELEVANT and FUN.   Maths teachers don’t have time to be creative. So now I’m expanding my empire by creating the WORKSHEETS that I would have wanted for my challenging classes. Roni Bermuda Triangle 2 My friend here, Roni, who is an unidentified marsupial and a little dodgy, will guide you through the worksheets.

I’m following the Common Core Standards for the USA. Hey! I’v done the math! 

So here here are the worksheets that motivate students, even difficult students, to DO THE MATH or MATHS. The first one is free and then there’s a small fee and me and Roni are going to clear outa town with all the loot. Ha!

Hot heels 1: ANGLES The Angle of Death

Hot Heels 2: RATIOS Killer Heels vs Trainer No Brainer

Hot Heels 3: Unit Rate Faster than a speeding chicken!

Hot Heels 4: Mean, mode and coffee Oops! ………

………………………………………………………….I got the wobblies!

Hot Heels 5: ALGEBRA You can’t run;You can’t hide.

Picture 1 Me and Roni have some very interesting maths worksheets planned. And they didn’t even fall off the back of a truck!




How Oops! Try again Maths is killing us …………………………………………………………………………… MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig ….…. with Kerry Cue

September 8, 2015

The New Age of Guess-amatics!

Mathspig pill bottle Hellooooo Sweeties,………………………………………………………………………

Some frightening maths this week. When researching DANGEROUS MATHS, Mathspig found one branch of maths is the most dangerous maths of all. Let’s call it GUESS-AMATICS. Today, maths is often taught via computer program packages. Some of these computer packages turn maths into a guessing game.

1 plus 1

This exact and rather frightening scenario was described to me by the mother of a 5 year old. The mother decided it was time to turn the game off. When students play mathematical computer games too often they don’t have to think, they just guess the answer and try again. But be warned this ‘Oops! Try again’ maths can kill you’! Some maths you cannot ‘try again’. You HAVE to get it right the first time. Medication is one area where ‘Oops! Try again maths kills”

Do the Maths and Do NO HARM.

You need sufficient maths to understand medication doses or you might do yourself harm.…………………………………………………………………………………..

And here is just one very frightening statistic:……………………………………..

According to FDA data 1.3 million people in the USA are injured each year from medication errors. Mathspig First Aid Saves

Meanwhile, we need nurses, caregivers, doctors, paramedics, First Aide volunteers, parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers and all health care professionals to have sufficient maths to be able to calculate simple medication doses. Or we need them to simply READ the dose and make sure it is correct. Unfortunately, many of those who should be able to work out medication doses are either incapable or not paying attention. And your life could be in their hands:


In the UK 1 in 20 hospital deaths is due to medical error. Nearly 12,000 patients die needlessly in hospital every year due to blunders by staff, researchers warn. Drugs or fluid mismanagement  was identified as a problem in 21% of preventable deaths (NHS   2012) or, doing the maths, 21% of 12,000 is approx 2,500 deaths due to bad maths! Mathspig Do meds do maths


According to a new study just out from the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety, four times as many people die from preventable medical errors than we thought, as many as 440,000 a year. Mathspig Do meds do maths


Reports show between 9,000 and 24,000 hospital deaths due to medical error. Mathspig Do meds do maths


Official Australian government reports reveal that preventable medical error in hospitals is responsible for 11% of all deaths in Australia or 1 in 9 deaths.


Other DANGEROUS MATHS include:

Dangerous Maths 1:Young drunk dead

Dangerous Maths 2: Death by Snake, Spider, Quad bike, Kangaroo, Raccoon and Vomit

Dangerous Maths 3: Shark Attack

Take care and do the maths……………………………………………………

Hoo Roo………………………………………………………………………………



Dangerous Maths 1:Young drunk dead

August 26, 2015

Mathspig Dangerous Maths

Statistics for alcohol consumption are tricky. Binge drinking gets confused with heavy drinking. If you want to stay young go to the UK. They think anyone under 35 is a youth! Some stats separate Male and Female drinking habits. Some don’t. And legal drinking ages vary. Canada is one crazy place. It has different legal drinking ages in different parts of the country.

Mathspig 1 Canada Legal drinking age

Legal Drinking Age:

Picture 11

Picture 7

The Maths

What we are working on here is reading maths data. No lectures. The numbers speak for themselves. Mathspig 3 Binge Drinking UK girls

Graph source here

The Challenge

Find the following information from data below. Percentage of Year 12 students or 18 year olds who binge drink in each country below.

1. Australia

Mathspig 4 Binge Drinking Aust

Graph Source here.

2. Canada

Mathspig 5 Heavy Drinking Canada Graph

Graph Source here.

3. UK

Mathspig 6 Binge drinking UK 2

Graph Source here

4. USA

Mathspig 7 Binge-Drinking-on-College-Campuses USA 4

Graph source here

Answers- Young drunk dead

Use these % to create a bar graph comparing countries. (Answer below)

Mathspig 8 18 year olds who binge drink

Graph drawn using Create a Graph website

Picture 6

Alcohol related death stats over lap other stats including death involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, jet skis, quad bikes, drowning, diving, stairs, supermarket trolleys and even high heels. Mathspig 2 drunk pics

photo source Daily Mail

Alcohol Related Youth Death Statistics

UK1: 314

Australia2: 260

Canada3: 3,500

USA4: 4,358

  1. 15-34 years for 2011. Source
  1. 15-24 years average 1990-2002 Source
  1. Under 18 years of age. 1996 It is believed that as many as 83 percent of teenagers in Canada consume alcohol. Back in 1996, underage drinking was responsible for 3,500 deaths and 2,000,000 injuries. A 2002 survey found that 20 percent of eight graders had consumed alcohol within the previous month. Source
  1. 4,358 people under age 21 die each year from alcohol-related car crashes, homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning, and other injuries such as falls, burns, and drowning. Source

Mathspig 9 Youth alcohol related deaths These countries have different populations (See post below). USA population is 15 times Australia’s. 260 x 15 = 3,900. So the Aussie and US stats are in the same ball park even though the stats have been collected for different age ranges. But look at Canada. The USA population is about 9 times Canada’s. 4,358 ÷ 9 = 484 deaths. This  death statistic for Canada is 10 times larger than the USA statistic per head of population. Meanwhile, the population of Canada is 1 1/2 or 1.5 times Australia’s. 260 x 1.5 = 390. Once again, the Canadian statistic is out by a factor of 10. What’s going on here?

The Bar Where You’re Too Afraid to Get Smashed

Mathspig is a party pig. But why does anyone drink themselves senseless? Many reasons, but one is they’re bored. Now here is a bar in Mathspig’s home town, Melbourne, where you better stay sober. Mathspig 10 Trapt Bar ans Escape Rooms Break out of prison in Trapt Bar. You’re in prison, you’re innocent, and no one believes you. You plot an escape with the other prisoners–because unless you break free soon, you’ll all face an unspeakable death (this prison is off the charts). At Trapt Bar and Escape Rooms, you and your teammates have 45 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and escape before…well…let’s spare you the gruesome details. Picture 10


Dangerous Maths 2: Death by Snake, Spider, Quad bike, Kangaroo, Raccoon and Vomit

August 7, 2015

This post is really a PR exercise for sharks. We fear them. We’re horrified by the thought of being eaten alive!!!. We only have to hear the sound track from JAWS to feel the fear.

Why do we fear sharks? Look at the numbers. REALLY. Show your students. What about stairs??? Quad bikes? Chairs? Bees? That’s when you should feel the fear!!! We are irrational beings. This is why we need maths. We can make rational decisions using maths. There is also a safety message here. The maths speaks for itself. We won’t hammer it.


There is lots of maths you can do with these tables.

  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Ratios (What’s the ratio of death by Snake to Quad Bike?)
  • Fractions (Show death by jet ski to falling down stairs as a fraction)
  • Percentages
  • Powers to the base 10. How many deaths occur in each country per 100,000 or 1 x 10head of population for, say, Quad bikes or ATVs? We can use these numbers to compare death rates and find out how dangerous riding a Quad bike is in each country.

……..Population Data

……..Aust…23 million = 23 x 106

……..USA…319 million = 319 x 106

……..Canada…35 million = 35 x 106

……..UK…64 million = 64 x 106

But we’re doing this for the SHARKS!!! Death Australia Mathspig

  1. Cyclists. 2. emergency lanes 3. fell off a chair 4.QUAD BIKES. 5. Horse, donkey. 6. buses 7. Cow, bull. 8. ice skates, skis or skateboards. 9. Venemous snake 10. kangaroo 11. bee 12. emu 13. Jet ski 14. Shark 15. Crocodile

Death USA Mathspig 21. Quad Bike or ATV: In 2007, 107 children younger than 16 were killed on ATVs. 2. Cyclists 3. choke on vomit  4. Cats, cows, horses, pigs, raccoons. 5. Bees, wasps  6.PWC or Jet Ski 7. Lightning 8. Xmas tree fires 9. Snowboard 10. Venomous Spider  11. Scorpions 12. Venomous Snakes , lizards. 13.Crocs & gators  14. Shark Death Canada Mathspig

  1. ATV Quad Bike 2. Canoe  3. Kayak 4. PWC or Jet Ski  5. Unpowered inflatable 6. Avalanches or landslides. 7. Lightning 8. Toboggan 9. Moose –Car collision 10. Bears (All Nth America) 11. Rattle Snake 12. Wolves 13. Shark

Death UK Mathspig

  1. falling down stairs.  2. Cyclists.  3. Choke on vomit   4. Falling off Chairs 5.  QUAD BIKE or ATV 6. Buses 7. Struck by cow, horse, other mammal 8. hornets, wasps, bees. 9. PWC or jet ski .10. Parachutists. 11. Skateboards, ice skates, skis 12. Canoe. 13. Shark 

Dangerous Maths 3: Shark Attack

July 31, 2015

Aussie Pro surfer, Mick Fanning, grabbed world attention when he was attacked by a shark in the Fanning J-Bay Open, South Africa on Sunday 19 July, 2015. Fanning was knocked off his board and forced to fight for his life. He survived. News.com

1  Mick fanning shark attack

One shark expert suggested the shark was a young great white shark under 3.5 metres.

Would you survive a shark attack?

Let’s do the maths.

How fast can a shark swim?

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History:The torpedo shape of the great white is built for speed: up to 35 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour). And then there are the teeth — 300 total in up to seven rows.

How fast can you swim?

According to Junior Olympic Games Qualifying Times 2015

For 13-14 yo 100m freestyle:

t girl = 1.15 or 75sec

t boy =1.10. Or 70 sec

Lets assure you are an average swimmer but highly motivated on seeing a shark:

t kid = 100 secs

So you can swim 100m in 100 sec. But will you survive??????

2 Shark Lesson Bluey's Beach NSW 2009 mathspig

 Surf Lesson Bluey’s Beach NSW 2009

We’re sooo tough in Australia! Shark, Smark! Whatever.

Picture from Daily Telegraph

Also according to the Smithsonian: Sharks can detect both the direction and amount of movement made by prey, even from as far as 820 feet (250 meters) away.

But there is hope as, according to the National Geographic Channel, Most shark attacks occur less than 100 feet or 30.5 m from the shore mainly around popular beaches in North America (especially Florida and Hawaii), Australia, and South Africa. 
3 Shark attack diagram  Mathspig

4 shark attack maths mathspig

Again we will assume that the swimmer is 30m offshore when he sees the shark fin 250m away. But this time we will have the world’s fastest swimmer. This time we are talking Dav vs Shark!!!!!!!!!

5 shark attack Maths mathspig


MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig …………………………………………………. with Kerry Cue

July 10, 2015

Mathspig m&m maths intro

Hellooooo My Little Sweeties,

There is so much maths you can do with m&ms, it’s hard to believe there is any other sort of maths.

You can study:

Countingtimes tables, set theory, Bar graphs, Fractions, % and decimalsMean, median, modeand parabolas (using a really cool peg-powered catapult).

But my favouritest ,developed by Patrick Len, is using m&ms to demonstrate half life in radioactive substances and therefore write an exponential equation.


m&ms  table

Throw a fixed no. m&ms on a table. Mathspig chose 128 m&ms for a very good reason. Eat the ones with the m showing. Count remainder. Throw again. Eat the ones with the m showing. Count remained. Keep doing this. You will end up with results like the following. (Not identical as chance is involved)

mathspig   m&m maths exponential fn  2

Wow! m&m’s and exponential equations. How yummy is that!!!!!!

More yummy maths:

m+m maths 1: find the volume using m+ms!

m+m maths 2: Guess, NO, calculate the number of m+ms in a jar!

m+m maths 3: how many m+ms will kill you?

m+m maths 4: How many m+ms will kill my dog?

m+m maths 5: how many m+ms will kill my cat?

m+m maths 6: How many m+ms will kill my pet rat?

m+ms maths 7: how many m+ms will kill my pet mouse?

Mmmmmmm! Can’t talk. Face full of chocolate.

Bye bye



m+m maths 1: find the volume using m+ms!

July 6, 2015

mathspig m&m maths 1

Are you bored by doing volume calculations?

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to calculate the volume of, well, things maths teachers ask you to calculate the volume of? Like what? You know, cubes or cylinders or cones or stuff. Well, today mathspiggies, we have the perfect solution for you. Yes!

We will calculate volume by counting m&ms!!!!  Do I hear any complaints???? Anyone!!! Right!

WARNING: You may need a ship load of m&ms!!! Just saying.

Mathspig salutes CWanamaker for doing maths over and above the call of duty by actually measuring how many m&ms fit in various containers. He has provided us with the RPR (RAndom Packing Ratio) for m&ms(below) and you will find his experiments here.

Mathspig m&m maths 1 stats

Two things you may need to know:

   1 fl ounce (US) = 29.6 ml

              1cm3  = 1 ml 

Mathspig m&m maths 2

mathspig m&m maths 3

If you are like me, mathspiggies, you will be amaaaazed how many m&ms it takes to fill, say, a coffee mug. Nevertheless, you can calculate the volume from the no. of m&ms and you will find the answers here:m&m maths answers



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