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Maths Makes Money

February 22, 2011

Business partners David Walsh (top, left) and Zeljko Ranogajec(bottom, left) make millions from maths. They employ many mathematicians to constantly calculate probabilities  – OK – odds, and gamble worldwide. But this is BIG time gambling.

From being thrown out of Tasmania’s Wrest Point Casino in the 1980s for counting cards in Blackjack, these partners are now believed to be the BIGGEST GAMBLERS in the world.

According to the HERALD SUN (February 13, 2010)- Mathspig was a columnist with Herald Sun 18 years –

it is believed that Zeljko ‘accounts for 6-8 per cent of Tabcorp’s $10 billion Australian betting turnover or $600-800 million and bets tens of millions more with local bookmakers.


But that is just the start. Once the overseas betting turnover of his 24-hour, seven-day-a-week operation is taken into account, his total annual spend globally is believed to be well over $1 billion.

More The Mercury.

If you think this is just gossip, David Walsh has spent over $180 million on his hobby, art collection. He has just opened MONA, the Museum for Old and New Art, involving $100 million worth of exquisite art housed in an $80 million architectural masterpiece outside Hobart, Tasmania. It is a state-of-the-art Art museum. iPods using GPS guide visitors through the museum. It is FREE to the public. More at The Mercury.

Here are some pictures of the museum and the art.

MONA, Tasmania

Erwin Wurm’s Fat Car

iTune Screen MONA

The Last Riot Mona

How do you beat the odds?

One way is to buy all possible outcomes in a lottery.

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And a last word from Kenny Rogers and the Muppets. You won’t see this again .. a muppet smoking and drinking.

Think about it. Know when to follow through, know when to run … but most of all

know your maths.