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Make a Cool Pattern with x2 Tables… but it is trickier than you think.

September 6, 2019


This idea comes from Burkard and Giuseppe @ the fabulous MATHOLOGER channel. Students can make a pattern called a cardioid that pops up all over math according to Burkard.

Follow these steps. There is a pdf file below the first diagram for printing exercise sheets.

And then watch the MATHOLOGER video for a really interesting explanation.

x2 Tables on a Circle pdf file for printing

This circle graph blank could also be used for x3 and x4 tables, which produce totally different yet equally amazing patterns.

Halfway there, now it gets tricky. +52 to each point on the circle and keep multiplying by 2.

ie. 27 x 2 = 54, 28 x 2 = 56 and so on.

so 0 = 52, 1 = 53, 2 = 54, 3 = 55, 4 = 56 etc

This shape is called a CARTIOID.


8. Create Awesome CGI for Harry Potter Films

September 16, 2013

Death Eaters Harry Potter

CGI of Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

An article in The Guardian, UK, explained the link between Harry Potter and the Maths of fluid dynamics or flow (See pic below):

HarryPotter mathspig

‘(Alex)Hope, managing director of the visual effects firm Double Negative said:

“In Harry Potter [and the Half Blood Prince],

the opening sequence has Death Eaters flying across the river Thames, destroying the (Millennium) Bridge between St Paul’s and the Tate Modern.’

“The way you create that is people who understand computational fluid dynamics, they know how water moves. They take the physics that’s used in modelling rivers and the flow of water and apply that in our world. People doing it need an artistic sensibility as well.

alex-hope-double-negativeAn understanding of maths and science

is fundamental to many of the

disciplines in our industry.”

Now there is motivation, mathpiggies. To create Computer Generated Images for movies you need maths!!!!!!

More on Harry Potter Maths here.