Maths Song

Get ready the: 

Mathspig is crazy about Maths and Space. 

Previously, on Friday 24th July on a planet far away called Earth, Mathspig was invited to talk at a Austrailan Space Industry Chamber of Commerce (ASICC) forum at Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) on:


Strathmore Astronauts   The space education centre is based at:

Strathmore Secondary College,





The Solar System

The Milky Way

The Universe.

reilly-jim_90The school has anfrog_astronaut vssec2on-going relationship with NASA. Retired NASA astronaut, Jim Reilley, spoke at the school on 10th July.

 Students at the school also developed a Frogs In Orbit Outreach program with Japanese Scientists from JAXA.

Mathspig believes the one way to get students, especially Year 7 – 10, is to make it fun and exciting too. 

What has Freddie Mercury to do with maths?

It is one way of celebrating maths ……….. Mathspig had the entire audience singing the Maths Song.

freddie mercury

MATHS Will Rock You   

…with apologies to Freddie Mercury & Queen

Get that special ‘We Will Rock You’ Da-Da-BANG rhythm here.

Maths ya gotta do

Make a big noise

Quadratic, ecstatic

We’ll save the WORLD one day

You got dreams to chase

There’s all of Outer Space

Solvin’ maths problems all over the place




We will we will rock you

We will we will rock you              


  1. Hi Kerry,
    This ROCKS! It is such a cool way of making maths fun and interesting, well done! You have a new follower.

    • Hey thanks Michael, all enthusiasm appreciated. Cheers Mathspig

      • Hey Michael,
        Great to hear form you. Have a fab holiday on your way back to Sth Africa and get in touch when you return to Oz. Cheers Kerry aka Mathspig

  2. Hello Kerry,

    Long time no see! I wander on net for more than a decade and never came across your blog! Every now and then I used to google math related terms but yours did not popped up!!! Any way, finally the luck would have it, and I got it dug today having first encounter with The “10 Biggest Mathematical Disasters in the World”. I will slowly roam in your math-city as I am impressed with many of your posts that I looked at.

    Love and all the best

    Dinesh Karia
    Reader in Math.
    Sardar Patel University
    Vallabh Vidyanagar
    Gujarat, INDIA

    • Hi Dinesh, Great to hear from you. I started the blog this year. And it has evolved. It is conversations with people such as yourself that determine what will be in the blog. So many thanks. You may notice I am looking for real world problems and elegant simplicity in the maths solutions so that school students can see the possibilities. Cheers Mathspig

      • [quote] I am looking for … and elegant simplicity in the maths solutions so that school students can see the possibilities. [unquote]

        It is this point omnipresent throughout your blog and the problem is spread throughout the globe. It is pleasant to see somebody working on that.

        We find the same root cause for lack of simplicity-down-to-earth perceptions during the class room teaching even at the Postgraduate level.

        All the best,



      • Hi Dinesh,

        I just noticed that you had replied to my reply and I found your comments very interesting. I just put a post on mathspig that drove me crazy. It’s about cars. The web added to the confusion because so many people don’t think there is a difference between Calories, calories, kilocalories and kilojoules. There are many sloppy statistics out there. I had to use the simple, elegant approach to get it right. What answer is feasible. Do these numbers make sens?. It worked in the end… but phhhhh it took some thinking.

        All the best and thanks


        aka kerry Cue

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