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How to Die from HOMEWORK!

November 29, 2016


We are good at graphs in maths, even funny graphs, but we often forget the power of story telling. Here’s a story about HOW NOT TO DO your MATHS HOMEWORK*.

*NOTE: Homework has never been recorded as the cause of death of a 13 year old.


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HUGO does his HOMEWORK, sort of.

February 27, 2014

Meet Hugo. Hugo heaad shot

He’s 13 years old and this is how he does his homework:

Mathspig I hate Maths introMathspig Hugo 1a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 2a Homework WMathspig Hugo 3a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 4a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 5a Homework

Mathspig Hugo 6a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 7a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 8a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 9a HomeworkMathspig Hugo 10a HomeworkHugo Mathspig end