You Can’t Teach a Thing .. if you ain’t got that Zing!!!

A Well Being Program for Teachers

with Kerry Cue

What? This hilarious and practical PD program combines:

         1 1/4 hr Re-Energising Workshop for Staff

         + 1 1/4 hr Master Class to skill up the Leadership Team to provide on-going well-being initiatives.

Why? Teaching is demanding. There’s no time. You’re constantly addressing the high needs of students, parents and the administration. Multiple issues from new coursework to marking criteria to allergy management to eco-friendly power usage, demand your attention. Resources are an issue! Accessing technology is a challenge! In class students are distracted, disinterested and/or agitated by the electronic noise, family dysfunction and the economic pressures of today. Teaching is exhausting, and that’s on a good day. You need strategies to maintain your energy levels to power through each new day.

Who? Author and humorist, Kerry Cue, taught Chemistry and maths before becoming a best selling author of 18 books, a columnist published in newspapers across Australia and an electrifying speaker who travels around Australia showing audiences how to unwind and have fun.

When?  During a conference or after school.

Where? At your school.

What do you get? Staff will enjoy a much-needed dose of ‘Laughter Therapy’ and also take away positive insights, practical strategies and creative solutions for the classroom and beyond.


WORKLOADS: Honey, You Can Shrink Your Workload! Embracing the less paperwork/more people work principle; digital timesavers and more.

TIME: Take Good Care of Yourself or Why Time Management is a Waste of Time and Other Truths about Well-being. Learn how to recharge your own batteries.

STRESS: Don’t Sweat the Administrative Stuff or How to Offload Stress and Enjoy Teaching. Learn how high demand relationships push your buttons (even in the classroom) and how to become more Zen now and then.

IMPROVING CLASSROOM BEHAVIOUR: Use the Force, Luke! Showing teachers that the power to engage the disengaged lies within. Massaging VELS for the greater good and other Secret Teachers Business.

SELF- ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The Harry Potter Files.Unleash Your Most Powerful Magic. Find Your Comfortable Teaching Style.

HAVING FUN: You’ve Gotta Laugh or How humour Builds Resilience and Gets Them Working. Fun that can be used in the classroom.



1 1/4 hr MASTER CLASS:

COMMUNICATION:Why Didn’t You Tell Us? We did! or how to get a message through midst the noise of the 21st Century. Using new, efficient, effective methods to communicate in a meaningful way.

EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY: Myclass.com or How Technology Can Save You Time and Effort at School. Learn special secrets that will blow you away. Be astonished.

GOALING EXCELLENCE:The Enthusiasm Bug, the virus worth catching. Also, be amazed by the transformation in your students when you join their online world. Learn how to rip down the school boundaries to benefit from global resources. Watch your test results peak through the roof.

ENABLING TEACHERS:Enabling Teachers Inside and Outside the Classroom by valuing their individual contributions. Showing teachers THEY are the experts.  Who else is there in the classroom? Plus leading them by the hand into the new digital world.

INSTIGATING CHANGE:Become the model for lifetime learning. Take baby steps towards adopting a change mindset. Discover the unstoppable benefits of the new online technology.

OUTSMART THE MEDIA:Be Savvy. Using the media for the power of good in the classroom and also to deal with the pesky reporters camped at the School Gate.

Contact? For further information, bookings and cost details contact:


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