Kerry Cue

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Kerry Cue is a humourist, mathematician, journalist and author. She had 2 books published in 2019. TARGET 91, a satirical novel about American gun culture, Penmore Press (Tucson, AZ) and and The Sunday Story Club (Pan Macmillan), co-authored with Doris Brett, a compilation of real-life stories.

With over 1,500,000 hits, Mathspig, has become a popular mathsblog with maths devotees of all ages as well as an interesting resource for middle school maths teachers. Cue spoke at the ICME13,  International Congress of Mathematical Education, in Hamburg in July, 2016, as that rare breed, a comic maths blogger.

Cue is also the author of 20+ books. She has written columns for every major Australian newspaper and travels around Australia to enliven serious, but dull conferences.

Kerry Cue studied Science/Engineering at Melbourne University and taught maths and science for 10 demanding years before becoming a best selling author of 20 humorous and educational books including Life On a G-String, Australia Unbuttoned, I Left My Heart in Chinkapook and my knickers in New York and MELAND: 10 Ways Self-Obsession Makes You Stupid.

You can contact Cue through comments on this blog or via email: kerrycueauthorATgmail.com

Her previous book was:


MeLand: 10 Ways Self-Obsession Makes You Stupid


More information: Here

Worser Homes and Gardens

You’ll find Kerry Cue’s Newspaper Columns here.



  1. Oh my God you are so great!!! How have I not known about you for so many years?

    The way you look at Maths is just so refreshing. I am starting an educational charity here in the UK to promote Making through Maths. Kids just seeing their Maths doing stuff – robots, models, dance, art and programming.

    I am going to be following you now till the grave. Thank you so much for this body of work.


    • Hello Gabriel,

      We are sooooo thinking along the same lines it is uncanny. We tend to teach maths today as if it were Latin, a dead language, instead of showing students where and how to use maths in everyday life. I will investigate your website with total enthusiasm. And keep up the good work.
      Toodles Mathspig
      PS: Soz about the slow reply. It was 43C in Melb yesterday. I was a sweaty, sweaty mathspig.

  2. Hi Kerry, Not sure if you saw one of our tutors solutions to the Singaporean stumper from last week but here it is – http://blog.yourtutor.com.au/an-explanation-to-the-maths-problem-thats-stumping-the-world.

    • Hey Mike, Yes, indeedy, I saw the world wide publicity for the smart maths work. Pass on my congratulations. Woo Hoo! Mathspig

  3. Thanks Kerry. If you’d like to share the solution with your readers then please be my guest. Mike.

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