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Square Root. It’s a Tree!

May 20, 2018

Just found this on Twitter! Had to share it.

If an IMAGINARY NUMBER screams alone in a forest can you imagine that you can hear it? Ha!


April Fool Maths Test

March 23, 2017

Tell your year 8 or 9 students this test is designed to test their ability to concentrate and use logic while doing a challenging test under pressure.

Tell students to circle the ‘correct’ answer. Then wait to see how long it takes them to think you have totally lost the plot! You can make copies of the test using the PDF links below. You can put the answers up later on the smart board.

Mathspig April Fools Maths Test 1

Mathspig April Fools Maths Test 2

Mathspig April Fools Maths Test ANSWER


April Fool Math TEST USA

March 23, 2017

Tell your year 8 or 9 students this test is designed to test their ability to concentrate and use logic while doing a challenging test under pressure. 

Tell students to circle the ‘correct’ answer. Then wait to see how long it takes them to think you have totally lost the plot! You can make copies of the test using the PDF links below. You can put the answers up later on the smart board or just read out the answers.

Mathspig April Fools Math Test 1 USA

Mathspig April Fools Math Test 2 USA

Mathspig April Fools Math Test ANSWER USA



May 2, 2016

Mathspig Funny maths blogs

You will find the background pattern here.

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.03.19 PM

1 Header

The absolute delight of Spurious Correlations is its craziness. Tyler Vigen is studying law at Harvard Law School, but he puts together the most ridiculous data you can imagine to show the correlation between eg. Per capita cheese consumption AND the number of people who died by getting tangled in their bed sheets, people who drowned after falling out of a fishing boat AND the marriage ration Kentucky. Of course, what Tyler is demonstrating is the basic maths principle, mathspiggies, that correlation is not causation. Here is one of his fabulous graphs:

 1a Spurious Correlations Graph

Here is one graph from Spurious Correlati0ns (above) and the cover of Tyler’s New Book (below).

1b book cover

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.09.52 PM

 2. HeaderMath with Bad Drawings is run by Ben Orlin. He describes himself as ‘a math maths teacher in Birmingham, England. Before that, I taught in Oakland, California. I’ve taught (or am currently teaching!) every level of mathematics from ages 12 to 18.’

Not only is Ben’s humorous and fascinating take on maths interesting, his philosophy of life is worth a read too. e.g. We are all simultaneously experts and beginners, flaunting our talents while trying to cover our shortcomings the way an animal hides a wound.’

Here are two delightful examples of his maths with bad drawings:

2a. Maths with bad drawings2b. Maths with bad drawings

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.15.12 PM

3. Header

Mathspig has written about the fabulous What if? blog before.

Randall Munroe is a pro web cartoonist, maths nut and maths guru who answers crazy hypothetical questions using maths. His home website is xkcd.

His TED lecture is here.

Randall offers this warning to his KXCD blog: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors). Of course, this makes his blog even more interesting. Maths, profanity and silly humour. Bring it on.

How What if? blog asks and answers interesting questions:

What would happen if I dug straight down, at a speed of 1 foot per second? What would kill me first?

Could a bird deliver a standard 20″ New York-style cheese pizza in a box? And if so, what kind of bird would it take?

Here is one example:

3a What if ?

 3b What if?

And his book What if? Can be found here.

 3c What if? book cover

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.21.10 PM

4. Header

The joy of Yan’s One Minute Math blog is his eclectic collection of topics from . Kow-Cheong Yan is a Singapore-based teacher, math consultant, math blogger and maths book author (Grade 1- 6).


The Lighter Side of Innumeracy gives an insight into maths incompetence and superstition in Singapore. It shows that charlatans can still prey on the innumerate. And Yan’s critique of Drill-and-Kill texts promoted in Singapore is refreshing in an age where politicians are forever calling for Back-to-basics teaching methods for maths.


 But my favourite post on Yan’s blog is;

Mathematical Fiction is not optional. The number of novels using maths as a theme is inspiring especially with Yan adding a comment like this:

If you’re looking for math, women, sex, and back-stabbing, The Wild Numbers (Philibert Schogt) is a math melodrama unlikely to disappoint.


Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.28.14 PM

5. header mathjokes4mathyfolks

Mathjokes4mathyfolks is run by my good math(s) friend Patrick Vennebush, who lives in Virginia with his wife, twin boys and his Golden Retriever Remy. He loves math(s), laughing and telling jokes. He also runs online projects for National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

5a. Patrick

Patrick believes math(s) should be fun and his blog includes jokes, problems and real-life challenges. His collection of jokes is published in a book and cover the gamete from cool to Dad-style jokes. Here’s an example:

5b book cover5c joke

Here are some examples from his blog:

Simultaneous Equations and Pizza

5d pizza problem

Angle of Opportunity looks at the angle a boy should pee in the toilet bowl without splatter fallout!!!!

5d pee angle

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.33.26 PM

6 header mathfail

Here is Math Fail on Facebook. And here is the Math Fail blog run by Self proclaimed Math Geek Mike, who explains that in addition to math fails, you will find a huge collection of geeky math jokes, interesting math facts, dumb math news, puzzles, speed math advice, math related comics, funny math pictures and more!! (It is not a Cheeseburger Fail blog.)

It is just a fun blog to explore. Here are some examples.

6a Math Fail

6b Math Fail

6c Math FAil

6d Math Fail

Who can be offended? They’re just numbers!!!!

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.41.23 PM

7. Header

Debbie O’Sullivan’s pinterest stream Math Puns/Jokes is worth a visit or two.



Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.49.49 PM

8. header math cartoon

The Math Cartoons & Humor is pinterest run by Jiji the penguin. Actually, the penguin didn’t do it. Jiji the penguin is the mascot of STMath, a commercial education system that teaches math visually, and with minimum language, in the USA. Here are some examples of the humor: 8a



Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 3.55.19 PM

9. header mathmashup

Mashup Math is mind blowing from its math philosophy to its eclectic approach. Anthony Persico runs MashUp Math. He has taught in NY, VA, and CO and runs a YouTube channel. He believes in inclusive math education,that all students learn math differently and that the one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. The worksheets, teacher resources supplied via mathmashup are FREE!

9a Anthony pic

Here is the Facebook link to Mathmashup:

9b slope

This is a screen shot of  his roller coaster youtube clip on gradient or slope!!!

Here is his Mathsmashup You Tube channel (above), which is designed to help visual learners.


Here are some amazing sports stats (above) from the LA Times. Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant’s 30,699th and final field goal came from 19 feet with 31 seconds left against the Utah Jazz. This picture below shows every one of the 30,699 goals he scored. AMAAAAAAZING!

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 4.06.08 PM

10 header math antics

Math Antics Youtube Channel is run by, Rob and Jeremy, who are both funny and clear in their maths clips, which are directed mainly at Middle school. The youtube lessons are free, but Rob and Jeremy do charge teachers US$20 for a year of worksheets.

Their Math Antics website is here.

10a base 10

Base 10 video screen grab.

10b Order of Operation

Order of Operations Screen grab.


Maths Mystery Box 4: FUNNY THAT

March 3, 2015

Maths Mystery BOX 4

1 BArt Simpson Death Wish

 Quadratic Equation  joke MathspigGraffiti pic found @ imfunny blog.

Maths is full-on full of humour.

Can you die laughing, sir?

Try these weird death stats.

Or, how about some maths jokes?

Or, how about a Maths Scavenger hunt.

Funny that!

Many maths teachers come up with great ideas so middle school students have fun with maths. Here are a few:

Human Graphs, Charts and Diagrams

Ellies Active Maths

2 line-graph   Ellie's graphs activemaths


How about a human bar graph?

3 human bar graph stenhouse  pinterest

Or a student linear graph?

4 human graph  bigpic     thecolab

Find more @ the colab


Or explore geometry through, well, dance?

6 Geometry dance

These students are showing supplementary angles

7 Geometry dance

These students are acting out the concept of complementary angles.

Tricia Appel; Middle School Math

Or, how about the geometry of yoga?

Mathspig groaning pig pose

Can you get your leg or knee to make a perfect right angle?

Or how about a Venn Diagram using Hola Hoops?

9 student venn diag

More info at Howard’s Happy Campers

Or you can measure length using bodies.

How many Smoots long is your football field?

Another Smoot, Oliver Smoot, is used to measure the length of the bridge in 1962.

Oliver Smoot is used as a unit of measure in 1962. 

Or try measuring the area of your school hallway in bodies!!!!

10 y4 rainbow school bradford uk

More info @ Rainbow school, Bradford, UK.


MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig MathsPig …………………………………………………. with Kerry Cue

September 30, 2014

Mathspig hogmobile 2

Hello Babies,

Randall MunroeRandall Munroe is a pro web cartoonist, maths nut and maths guru who answers crazy hypothetical questions using maths. His website is xkcd.

His TED lecture is here.


Munroe_WHAT_IF_hi-591x768_mediumAnd his book What if? Can be found here.

Here are some of the questions Randall attacks:

When, if ever, will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than of living ones?

Ans: It could be as early as 2065.

Could you get drunk from drinking a drunk person’s blood?

Ans: Not to be recommended.

At what speed would you have to drive for rain to shatter your windshield?

Ans: Mach 1 or really, really, fast.


Mathspig loves this crazy maths. Here are some of the hypothetical questions from mathspig:

Can you kill your teacher with chocolate! 

Can you outrun a zombie?

In the REAPING in The Hunger Games Maths what is the chance that a brother and sister are both selected as tributes?

In The TWILIGHT series Edward is an ethical vampire (He only consumes animal blood), but how many Shih tzus would he need a day to stay alive?

Mass Murderer or Maths Teacher?

Don’t forget the Baa Graph Ha! Ha!



And now Mathspig has been cruising in her Hogmobile working out how far a car can travel on human fat. You will find interesting calculations here, here and here.

Ooooooh! I’ve got the munchies. I better go and make some more DIY bio-fuel.




Geometry Jokes

June 30, 2014

Protactors and dinosaurs mathspig

Protractor headed Mathspig

Protractor Tattoo Mathspig


10 Reasons Why Maths Teachers Rock : New Release

March 4, 2013

Here it is.


The video you’ve been waiting for.

Digitally remastered. (I used my fingers)


10 Reasons Why

Maths Teachers Rock:

New Release



Some Triangles that I Used to Know

February 18, 2013

Mathspig is soooooo excited. Melbourne singer, song writer and geometrically inclined performer Gotye performing with Kimbra won 3 Grammy Awards with last week for his song Somebody that I used to Know.

Gotye and

Here is Mathspig take on the song:Some traingles I used to know

According to The Australian as of last Tuesday Gotye you tube clip had 375 million hits since it was first uploaded 5th July 2011.

Mini Rates Exercise:

In 18 months Somebody that I used ot know has scored 375 million hits. How many hits per minute?

(Ans: Assuming 30 days per month the no of hits per minute is 482)

Fun with Geometry Exercise:

Here’s Somebody that I used to know. Put on the music and do geometry especially triangles.

It’ll either help students do their exercises or work like Clockwork Orange and have them running screaming out of the room when they hear the first few notes.


1. Cool Maths Video

January 15, 2013

Sometimes the muses look down upon Middle School Maths teachers and say ‘Gadzooks! …

…. those courageous purveyors of The mathematiques need a little help.


one direction

And here it is.

ONE Direction … who Mathspig foolishly kept calling ONe Dimesnsion in a talk to 14 year olds last year … AHHHH!!!

Getting confused over rock star names is just, soooooo pathetic, like mum and dad.

But do One Direction know their maths? What do you think? Does this video make sense?

Or are they just number Tragics?


Weird Maths Activity

Play the video at the beginning of the class. Set the days work. Then at the end of the class, students have to sing their answers … clicking their fingers … One Direction style ….

One Direction Math Joke:

one direction in math