Some Triangles that I Used to Know

February 18, 2013

Mathspig is soooooo excited. Melbourne singer, song writer and geometrically inclined performer Gotye performing with Kimbra won 3 Grammy Awards with last week for his song Somebody that I used to Know.

Gotye and

Here is Mathspig take on the song:Some traingles I used to know

According to The Australian as of last Tuesday Gotye you tube clip had 375 million hits since it was first uploaded 5th July 2011.

Mini Rates Exercise:

In 18 months Somebody that I used ot know has scored 375 million hits. How many hits per minute?

(Ans: Assuming 30 days per month the no of hits per minute is 482)

Fun with Geometry Exercise:

Here’s Somebody that I used to know. Put on the music and do geometry especially triangles.

It’ll either help students do their exercises or work like Clockwork Orange and have them running screaming out of the room when they hear the first few notes.


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