16. For the Fashion Unconscious

August 3, 2011







This exercise will critique – anonymously – teacher fashion.

Here are some staff photos from the 60s, 70s ( 2 pics), 80s and 90s. Has there been any improvement?





Ask kids to write a list of the worst fashion styles of staff. They should then use the list to survey the class to see what they think of the staff fashion sense without naming names, of course.  Draw a bar graph. Here are a few styles that could appear on the list. The idea is to be creative in the description.

eg. White Sox with Sandals

       Terrifying Tie

       Pretty Awful in Pink

       Green Peace Project

       Old Timer

      Hippie Reject

      Sports Shock Jock

      Dr Who Look alike

      Mad Professor Ensemble

      The I-Survived-a-Tornado Look

      Grunge Revisited

Then write 10 fashion tips for teachers to pin up on staff room.

Encourage the teachers to put on a fashion ashow. Some schools do. Here is

Here is the Swakeleys school fashion show for  teachers. They could ham it up more, but the kids think it is fun.

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