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Zombie Maths 1: Rates

December 13, 2011

First, mathspigs, to do Zombie Maths we must

promise to follow the Zombie Code

and be ghoulish, scary and unnice in an undead way.

We must also observe

The 10 Universal Laws of Zombie, sort of.

Velocity of a Zombie:

This is fun. To find the velocity of a Zombie mark out 10m on the floor. Ask students to imitate a Zombie and time them. This will involve deep and meaningful Zombie arguments about who is the best Zombie.

Mathspig was a Zombie while Mr Mathspig timed her. It took Zombiepig 16 seconds to zombie walk 10m. Here are the calculations:

A Zombie Arm can move much faster. Here are some calculations based on a guestimate using this link of Crawling Zombie.


Velocity of Zombie Arm:

According to these calculations Zombie Arm is Faster than a speeding chicken, but not as fast as an angry Squirrel. See Animal Olympics link.

Watch for the zombie arm

… it will grab your ankle

and NEVER let go!!!


Zombie Maths 2: Direct Proportion

December 13, 2011

Welcome to the Zombie Olympics.

This could take some time.

Another way of calculating a Zombie’s velocity

or speed is to use direct proportion.

ZOMBIE eat hockey team ..

EAT Gym Team too… very young

… very tender

mmMMMM …… YUM!


Zombie Maths 10: Percentage II

December 13, 2011

And according to NOAA

71% of the earth is covered by water.




How much time will Zombie spend in water

when walking around the earth?