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Zombie Maths 3: Graph

December 13, 2011

Zombie Cricket

How long will a Zombie take to make 1 run? 2 runs?

A cricket pitch is 20.12 m (22 yds) long. :

From graph: A Zombie takes 33sec to run 20m or 1 run

 A Zombie takes 66 sec to run 40m or 2 runs


y = 0.6t

20.12 = 0.6 t

t =  33.5 sec for 1 run or 67 sec for 2 runs!!!!!!


Zombie Baseball:

How long would a Zombie take to run to 1st base? To do a home run?

The Distance between bases is 60 ft 6 inches ( 18.44 m). Distance for a home run is 242 ft ( 73.76 m)


From the Graph:

 A Zombie takes 30 seconds to run to first base or 122 seconds to make a home run!!!

Check: This time look at the table above.

That’s 2 minutes people!!!!! He is safe as long as a Zombie is fielding.