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The shop is 50 Smoots on your left

June 4, 2009

According to the New Scientist  magazine ‘AS A prank in 1958, Matthew Dirckx tells us, a group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology used the body of Oliver Smoot, the shortest smootnew recruit to their fraternity, to measure the length of a bridge across the Charles river connecting Boston to the MIT campus. The bridge was found to be 364.4 smoots long, plus or minus an ear.’ Fifty years later a plaque was placed in the new bridge officially recognising the Smoot.

Dr WhoMeanwhile in the most recent Dr Who episode “Planet of the Dead’ one scientist named a very big amount of weird energy after himself. Instead of Joules or calories he called his energy unit the Malcolm. Good idea.

Mathspigs we definitely need more units of length such as the Werner, Chinock, Wu and Clutz. Claim your own height as a unit of length. Name it and then convert the heights of the following monuments into your unit:

empire state



  Empire Ste Building: 381m



statueof liberty


  Statue of Liberty: 93 m




great pyramid  

 Great Pyramid of Giza: 147m



eiffel tower


 Eiffel Tower: 300m

  Gustave Eiffel was an engineer who not only designed the Eiffel Tower (Built 1889) but was also involved in the design and construction of the Statue of Liberty. 



twin towers

  Twin Towers New York: 420 m

 Mathspig travelled to the top of the Twin Towers in 1999 and found the view terrifying. But a little known fact about the Twin Towers is that they were built using half a dozen  Australian designed cranes called the Favco Climbing Crane. 





 Burj Dubai: 818 m