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3. Pee Physics or Splatter Free Geometry for Boys

February 4, 2011

This is a mobile urinal. Mathspig has seen these VERY PUBLIC urinals in Paris.

Maths is everywhere, even in the boys toilets … not that Mathspig ever ventures in there.

But I’ve often given talks to boys about acting tough. Can anyone be tough all day? How?

Do you karate chop your Wheatbix at breakfast?

Do you threaten yourself in the mirror with your toothbrush cleaning your teeth? When you go pee what do you do?

Pee on the ceiling?

Everytime I asked this question some kid would yell from the back of the room ‘I can do it?’

As a girl, Mathspig has to ask why?

Why would you want to pee on the ceiling … even allowing for exaggeration?

Who wants to stand in a toilet with their own pee dropping on their head? Don’t answer.

But, thanks to Mancouch and their Physics of Peeing diagram I can see that peeing angle is important.

But what is that angle, boy, mathspigs????

For easy calculations we’ll assume the flow is in a straight line. Thank you for your attention.