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I Got The Speed Camera Blues

August 27, 2009

red lit fine Correction

You won’t want one of these!! Mathspig went through a red light. This is how it works. No excuses. It is against the law. Mathspig was making a right hand turn too late. But I was shocked to see I’d driven through a red light by 0.9 sec. Doesn’t sound much so … I did the calculations.


Ivy Pig 4 Correction



NewM3_MaxxSport_HatchHere is Mathspig’s car.




 Thanks to Ivy, 7, for her picture of Mathspig driving. Maybe, I’m a road hog.



  Now lets do some maths.


red lit maths 1 Correction





red lit maths 2 Correction


I was shocked. At 60 kph I travelled 15m in 0.9 secs.


Mathspigs do some calculations of your own. How far would a car travel in 0.9 secs at a speed of 70kph, 100kph or a law breaking 140kph?

The moral to this story mathspigs is TAKE CARE ON THE ROADS. There are idiots out there and, unfortunately, mathspig was one of them!!!!!!