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Sharp Shooter Maths

May 14, 2010

Mathspig grew up on a police station in the small Australian country town of Kyneton, Victoria in the 1960s. Mum fed the prisoners. Dad’s car an old FC Holden, maroon and white with a pink door, was the police car. And the police phone sat in the kitchen.

Australia has a very strict gun laws today. Thank goodness. But such laws didn’t exist in the sixties. My Dad’s .22 rifle rested against the fridge in the kitchen – without it’s 6-bullet magazine – in case my dad was called out to some police emergency.

There were a number of gun incidents in my childhood. One time my mum was cleaning the house. She usually put paper rubbish in her apron pocket and threw it at the end of the day into our combustion (wood-fired) stove. She forgot she had three .22 bullets in her pocket. It took some time for the bulletsto heat up.

My parents were in bed when bullets started exploding in the kitchen. The explosion blew off the hot plate and blew the ash door open covering our kitchen in grey ash. And it nearly gave my dad a heart attack. This was a typical story of my childhood and why I became a humour writer.

My Dad the Sharp Shooter My dad stopped a stolen car with one bullet. This was considered legendary by his fellow cops. He didn’t shoot the tyres. He managed, by accident and possibly even though he was aiming at the tyres, to hit the electrical lead into the car’s  distributor cap. Phht! Car go no more.

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