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Survival Maths: Close encounters with Sharks

January 12, 2018

Drone’s Eye View: AWESOME!!!!!

Australia takes it’s sharks very seriously. Shark detecting drones are being trialled on beaches in NSW as a part of the NSW Government’s $16 million Shark Management Strategy. 

The film JAWS has given sharks a bad rap. Here are the STATS:

Deaths by shark attack in the world:

Australia       About 2 a year

USA               1 every 2 years 

UK                  None EVER

CANADA          None EVER

More deaths occur due to falling off chairs in Australia. Quad bikes are deadly anywhere. 

Full Stats and references here.

Meanwhile,  you see a shark fin. You can swim BUT what distance do you need to be from the shark to make it to the beach.

You will find some interesting maths here.


Mathspig is Going to the ICME Hamburg 2016 …………………………Woo Hoo!

December 21, 2015

Mathpig ICME 2016

Hello Little Munchins,

Much to the amazement of many, including my piggy-self, Mathspig is off to present a workshop at the International Congress on Mathematical Education, Hamburg, 2016. Mathspig was surpised and delighted, of course, because humour and maths are often considered polar opposites.

Here, in part, is the workshop I will present:

How many m&ms would kill a 14-year-old?

Making middle-school maths real, relevant, deadly serious and π-in-your-face funny!

I always loved, loved, loved maths at school, at university and teaching maths for 10 years. In 2009 I became Mathspig, funster maths blogger and guru to show teachers at conferences that maths could be fun.

By then I had been working as a journalist, humourist and public speaker for 25 years. Coming back to maths after such a break, I was hit with a mathematical epiphany. Suddenly, I realised that all of the maths problems I had solved at school, at university and teaching involved answers that were meaningless to me. All I wanted was to get them right and move on.

So I set out to ask maths questions that have answers middle-school students, especially, will want to know.

How much do they stretch models’ legs using Photoshop? How do you calculate ramp distances for a stunt motorbike jump? How long does it take a 14 year old to bleed to death from an arrow wound? How many calories – for Twilight fans – are in a litre of blood? Why should Headbangers study geometry? Could you return Andy Murray’s serve? How old is your hair? Why was trigonometry needed to produce the CGI image of Merida’s curly hair in the movie, BRAVE?

Travel Pig 2016

And here,for those of you looking to make middle school maths real, relevant, deadly serious and π-in-your-face funny are just some of the relevant links:

Odd Bods in Marie Claire: How much do they stretch modles legs in magazines?

Stuntman Jump: The trigonometry of Motor Bike Ramps

Hunger Games: Surivival Maths 1: How long would it take a 14-year-old to bleed to death from an arrow wound?


How man calories in a litre of blood? And therefore, how many Shi Tzus would a health young Vampire need to get their blood fix each night?

Why do Headbangers need Geometry?

Could you return Andy Murray’s serve?

How old is your hair?

Why CGI hair needs maths. Maybe they need more maths than we first thought if you look at the CGI hair of the characters below.


This could be interesting, I’ll keep you breifed.


Your International Star Performer,