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Toilet Paper FUN FACTS Maths

June 1, 2021

Mathspig is in Melbourne, Australia. We’re in Lockdown. AGAIN!

And toilet paper has disappeared off the supermarket shelves. AGAIN.

So today we are doing maths based entirely on toilet paper using information from the Toilet Paper Fun Facts website. Yes! It exists here.

Toilet Paper Fun Facts Website

Protractor Wind Speed Calculator

POP UP ANS Q 1 & 2 Yr 7&8 Toilet Paper fun facts

Traxxas XO-1 Website

Pythagoras Equation Diagram here

Here is the Sine Rule (Watch 1.5 mins)

Check sine curve here:

Listen to sine curve here:


Mathspig does WORKSHEETS

September 25, 2015

Mathsppig does worksheets Helloooo my lovely wombats, 

I started this blog several years ago because I found myself trying to convince teachers that maths could be fun, FUN, FUN at conferences. Sometimes it was like talking to a carton of eggs. So I had to show teachers that maths could be fun. With over 900,000 hits, you could say, my evil plan worked. After several years of blogging, I had an epiphany. Having studied maths at university for 5 years, then teaching maths  for 10 years up to and including Year 12, suddenly, I realised I never wanted to know the answer to any maths problem I solved. I simply wanted to get the answer right and move on.

I taught in some tough high schools. On my first day at one high school a student threw a bike off a roof. Now I understand their rage. I loved maths from day 1, but only a small % of students love maths for the challenge. It’s like Latin, a dead language, to many students and therefore ‘booooring’.

So now I concentrate on the TOUGH YEARS: Middle School. Students want to know the answer to the questions I ask. eg. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE A 14 YO TO BLEED TO DEATH? It’s a great graph. They want to know the answer! I aim to make the maths REAL, RELEVANT and FUN.   Maths teachers don’t have time to be creative. So now I’m expanding my empire by creating the WORKSHEETS that I would have wanted for my challenging classes. Roni Bermuda Triangle 2 My friend here, Roni, who is an unidentified marsupial and a little dodgy, will guide you through the worksheets.

I’m following the Common Core Standards for the USA. Hey! I’v done the math! 

So here are the worksheets that motivate students, even difficult students, to DO THE MATH or MATHS. The first one is free and then there’s a small fee and me and Roni are going to clear outa town with all the loot. Ha!

Hot heels 1: ANGLES The Angle of Death

Hot Heels 2: RATIOS Killer Heels vs Trainer No Brainer

Hot Heels 3: Unit Rate Faster than a speeding chicken!

Hot Heels 4: Mean, mode and coffee Oops! ………

………………………………………………………….I got the wobblies!

Hot Heels 5: ALGEBRA You can’t run;You can’t hide.

Picture 1 Me and Roni have some very interesting maths worksheets planned. And they didn’t even fall off the back of a truck!