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2. Folded Paper Cube

February 15, 2016

10 Amazing ways to see a cube

You can find a number of ways to fold an origami cube on the web. Jeremey Shafer will show you how to fold a seamless cube (below) here.

It’s a bit tricky. Wikihow has very clear instructions on how to fold a simple paper cube here. 

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 3.39.33 PM

But, Mathspig prefers the paper cube designed by Phillip Stromberg of the Netherlands.His cube calendar (below) comes inside one of these paper cubes. This was a very spooky calendar as Mathspig could see her life disappearing in front of her eyes for one whole year. ARrrrgh!

Stromberg Cube Calendar

Here is the way to fold a Phillip Stromberg cube:

Mathspig Cube 2.1

Step 1: Draw up a grid on cardboard 7 x 6 square.

Mathspig used 8 cm squares on paper. Cardboard would make a stronger cube.

Mathspig Cube 2.2

Step 2: Count of squares and draw this pattern.

Mathspig Cube 2.3

Step 3: Cut out the cube template.

Mathspig Cube 2.4

Step 4: Use scissors to score all folding edges.

Mathspig Cube 2.5

Step 5: Score the perpendicular bisectors of the isoceles triangles. Ha Ha! I’ve always wanted to say that!!!!

Mathspig Cube 2.6

Step 6: Fold the cube sides up, tucking the extended flaps over the triangles.

Mathspig Cube 2.7

Step 6: Fold down the cube lid!!!

OK! It may take some practice. But mathspig likes her cube.