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11 Fashion Statement Geometry for Hipsters

April 8, 2013

Maths-is-Awesome Activity

Fashion Statement Geometry for Hipsters

Skills: Geometry, measurement, polyhedrons, symmetry and creativity

Year Level: Year 7-9

Ask students to design and make a GEOMTRIC FASHION STATEMENT. This could involve a dress, hat or hair. Then they stage run a MATHS FASHION parade. The point is the fashion statement must involve specific maths such as geometry or  trigonometry, calculus, quadratic equations … any maths you like.

Here from Lancia Trend Visions is the work of Amila Hrustic, a fashion design student in Sarajevo. These samples come from  her “Plato’s Collection” inspired by the idea of Platonic solids. Her collection includes dress based on tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, icosahedrons.

94 Geom Fashion 194 Geom FAshion 294 Geom FAshion 3


The Curious Nature of Drummers’ Brains

February 18, 2013

  In a 2011 article in the New Yorker Burkhard Bilger wrote about neuroscientist David Eagleman and his research into time and the brain especially drummers’ brains.

Eagleman New Yorker

Some of the drummers he has interviewed and/or tested include William Champion of Cold Play, Brian Eno of Roxy Music and Larry Mullen, Jnr of U2.

Roxy Music with Brian Eno

Eno, on keyboards (above) who was working on a U2 album,  talks about Mullen’s amazing timing.  They were using a click-track (computer generated beat) when mMullen complained he couldn’t drum to it. ENO adjusted the beat. Mullen was happy.

larry Mullen

ENO adjusted the beat by 6 milliseconds!!!!!!!!!

6 thousandths of a second.

Cool Larry Mullen Jnr Drum solo

Tempo is measured in beats per minute or bpm. 

Drum Beats for different tracks:

Drum Beats

Here are some drum beats provided by Justin Alan Cox so you can get your timing right:

60 bpm

80 bpm

100 bpm

120 bpm

Drummer Maths:

How Cool a Drummer are you?

Pick a beat and see how accurate you can beat tempo. Time how long it takes you to beat out 60, 80, 100 or 120 drum beats using a pencil.  It should, obviously, take one minute if you are an ENO or a Mullens.

What was the difference in time in seconds?

Calculate your % error = time error (sec)/(60 sec) x 100

Bilger’s conclusion:

‘Like perfect pitch, which dooms the possessor to hear every false note and flat car horn, perfect timing may just make a drummer more sensitive to the world’s arrhythmias and repeated patterns, Eagleman said—to the flicker of computer screens and fluorescent lights. Reality, stripped of an extra beat in which the brain orchestrates its signals, isn’t necessarily a livelier place. It’s just filled with badly dubbed television shows.’


Headbanger Maths

February 18, 2013

pic 1 headbanging-AWG4JT_188x156

The NHS reports that Australian Researchers Declan Patton and Andrew McIntosh, Uni of NSW, have conducted a study into brain and neck injuries of headbangers published in British Medical Journal.

pic 2 headbanger hair pic

Concerts included as part of the study included Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, The Hell City Glamours, L.A. Guns, Ozzy Osbourne, Winger, Ratt, Whitesnake and W.A.S.P.

Here’s Motorhead with a ‘nice’ moshpit.



The Headbanger Study Concluded:

1. Head movement of more than 75o for an average heavy metal beat will cause head and neck injuries. This movement causes headache and dizziness.

mosh pit boy

 2. Beats above 130 bpm (beats per minute) cause neck injury.

The average headbanging song has a tempo of about 146 beats per minute (bpm).

and according to Mathspig:

3. Being punched up in the mosh pit. Do you need maths for that conclusion?

Researchers recommendations:

1. Reduce range of head and neck movement

2. Headbang to a  slower tempo

3. Wear a neck brace. (Isn’t a bad hair cut enough?)

Headbanger Rates Exercise:

How many headbeats per hour would a headbanger manage for the following song tempos. Here are just a few tempos form Play Drums Now blog:

Song Tempos


Mathspigs excited .Look there is a band called Mutemath!!!!!!!! And here they are:



Just to show that there is something spookily primitive about headbanging here is Headbanger Baby:




Barcode Maths

May 4, 2012

Here is standupmaths comic Matt Parker doing calculations in his head including a bar code calculation.

Thanks to Matt making the barcode calculations look EASY Mathspig spent about 12 hours blowing steam out her ears and tearing up packaging trying to get the barcode maths to work.

This is THE absolute best exercise to test accuracy in simple calculations including transcribing numbers, which are so easily misread. It also shows you how BARCODES work.

The cash register pings if the BARCODE CHECK DIGIT Algorithm matches the CHECK DIGIT, which is the last digit in the barcode. This is how the cash register computer checks that the data in the barcode has been transferred correctly. All data transfers have some sort of data check algorithm.

The PING is KING!!!!!!!!

Mathspigs, you can check your maths skills by picking up the nearest product with a 13-digit barcode and calculating the CHECK DIGIT. The answer is at the end of the barcode.

You can find an alternative explanation here.

If your calculations won’t work use the online CHECK DIGIT CALCULATOR (EAN 13). If it is right check your calculations again!!!!!!