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Amazing Maths Clock

March 17, 2018

Albert Digital Mathematical clocks are fascinating.

You calculate the time using +, -, x and ÷ . Such fun and ideal for the math classroom.

Mathspig found the Albert Mathematical clock at the Horsham International Hotel (below).

More info on the Albert Digital Clock here.

You can set the level of difficulty. You get 1 minute to work out the answer and that’s long enough.


Mathspigs Unite!!!

June 4, 2009

Mathspig has just found a fabulous maths blog run by Victorian maths teacher, Jeff Trevaskis, who is rumored to teach up Mooroopna way.mooroopna map Correction

Jeff’s blog, called Webmaths is full of interesting challenges, real classroom maths ideas and other fun stuff. #mce_temp_url#  




 Meanwhile Jeff has thrown down the gauntlet challenging all mathspigs everywhere. 

 For no greater love has any mathspig than to don his tutu and appear in public to promote mathematics.