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Learning Jump Strategy from a Young Mathematician

June 8, 2018

Mathpig just learnt this from a young Mathematician age 9.

It is a great way to do maths because you are thinking ‘Mmmm! How can I work these numbers.’

Getting maths students to think about what they are doing is so much better than just having them guess ‘ Arrrr!  Whatever. Click B.’

More jump strategy information here.

This will be very useful later when it comes to a similar method used to simplify long division:


4. Too many different ways to do the same thing

October 11, 2017

Often, students, who are struggling with a concept, find it even more challenging when changing grades and/or schools because a new teacher uses a different method to the one they were taught.

eg. Long Division must have the most ridiculous number of methods for doing it.

Add a multi-cultural classroom and even more confusion results.

More maths news from around the world here.

eg. 2  Expand double brackets

1. X-multiply Method

This is the Method Mathspig taught students long, long ago.

2. Standard Method

Video tutorial from Me vs Maths here.

3. Grid Method

Video tutorial from 3 min Maths here.

The Solution:

Find the method that works for you. Stick with it and practice, practice, practice.

eg. Long Division

Here is the BEST EVER long division method


It would be tragic IF  Lego blocks only had one solution. That is IF 6 Lego blocks could only be arranged in one way. In fact, the number of possibilities of arranging 6 blocks is MIND EXPLODING!