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7. I’ve Got Rhythm

August 3, 2011







Watch this video clip. Get inspired. Then get outside. Start something.

This is a  You Tube clip of MTN Clap shot in Hillbrow Sth Africa.

Here are some lyrics from the MTN Clap shoot:

Three, six, nine

The goose drank wine

The monkey chewed tobacco

On the streetcar line

The line broke

The monkey got choked

And they all went to Heaven

In a little row boat

Clap, pat, clap, pat

Clap, pat, clap, slap

Clap, pat, clap your hand

Now the trick is to convert this to maths.

NB: √4 = Root 4.

Naught, 1,2

The goose drank glue

The monkey did some square roots

√4 it equals 2


The goose drank pee

The monkey said the goose is mad

√9 it equals 3


The goose drank more

The monkey said the honk would conk

√16 it is 4


The goose stayed alive

The monkey scratched his armpit

√25 is 5


The goose drank bricks

The monkey said the goose is gone

√36 is 6


In goose heaven

The monkey said I miss the goose

√49 is 7


The goose can’t wait

The monkey heard a goose ghost ‘hic’

√64 is 8


The goose drank wine

The monkey howled ‘Not again!’

√ 81 is 9


Drunk goose again

The monkey chased the hic-ing honk

√100 is 10