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8c. What Volume of Alcohol is Lethal?

August 14, 2017

The Complaint

8c: I Will Never Use this Maths

The Solution:

You are going to use this maths NOW……………..


How much alcohol will kill you?

TOPICS: Decimals, %, algebra, vol, weight units (Metric)

At low levels of consumption alcohol impairs decision making and inhibits coordination. It makes you DUMB and CLUMSY, which can cause serious injuries if you, say, fall down stairs.

Legal Age to Buy or Sell Alcohol USA: 21 years

Legal Age to Buy or sell Alcohol AUST, NZ & UK: 18 Years

Legal Age to Buy or sell Alcohol CANADA: 18 – 19 Years depending on region.

At higher levels of consumption ALCOHOL can kill. It is a depressant. It acts on your central nervous system. It can STOP YOU BREATHING.

WORKSHEET PDF:  How Much Alcohol Would Kill You? WORKSHEET


1. Calculate the weight of (pure) alcohol or ethanol in the following standard drinks using the following information:

Now Ethanol =  0.79 gm/ml

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Maths Mystery Box 10: LETHAL

February 13, 2015

Maths Mystery Box 10

Middle School Maths Challenge

Symmetry, geometry plus guts and determination.

Make a paper plane that can fly as high as a 5-story building and test it.

You need:

– Half A4 sheet

– Scissors

– A rubber band

The physics of paper is complex. Folder paper is very strong. Here students create a world record folding a piece of paper 13 times.

Crumpled paper is also very strong. Crumple a piece and try and flatten it. More here.

10 Lethal Paper Plane  1

From Instructables blog

10 Lethal Paper plane 2

10 Lethal Paper Plane 3

image 4Test it but be careful you could take out an eye.


Now for the BIG challenge:

The above paper plane has 5 wing folds. Can you make a bigger paper plane with more folds. For instance, you could try an A4 sheet.

More from Instructables here: