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7 Cardboard Labyrinth

April 9, 2013

Maths-is-Awesome Activity

Cardboard Labyrinth

Skills: Graphing, modelling …. mostly generates inspiration

Levels: Any

98.1 Carlos-Teixeira-Layered-Cardboard-Labyrinth-Installation-2-537x358

Brazilian architect Carlos Teixeira created an incredible labyrinth made entirely from layered recycled cardboard for the 29th International Biennial in Sao Paulo.

More info here.

Labyrinths are mysterious. And mathspiggies, look at that lovely parabola. Making a labyrinth on this =scale may be beyond the resources of a maths class … but then again some imagination and some maths skills and voila:

98.3 thumb_4787_img-3329

In phase one of the project 240 students at Kingsford Primary School in Aberdeen used interconnecting materials to design and build a labyrinth inspired by the story of Icarus.

More info here.