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Maths Girls A Go Go

September 8, 2011

Ellie Kuprik, in The Huffington Post, reported on 31 Aug 2011 that JCPenney, a mid-range clothes store with over 1,100 shops in malls across America, was stocking the following t-shirt for girls aged 7 – 16 years.


Having fun with the ‘Yeah! Girls are Dumb’ theme,  the Huffington Post suggested other possible t-shirts to be stocked by JCPenney.

Such pressure works. According to Huffington Post article the t-shirt has been pulled.

But where are the positive T-shirts about maths for girls. Here are a few, which are both playful and mathsy:

@ cafepress


@ printfection



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@ shirtshovel

Mathspig’s fav t-shirt

@ cafepress

Mathspig thinks all maths classes should design their own FUNNY maths t-shirt.

GO Maths Girls GO