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GaGa Graphs

July 12, 2011

Today’s subject, mathspigs, is hairy.


Yes! WE are looking at hair graphs.


Some hair graphs are based on science,measuring and plotting.


This is a real graph involving real maths. It is a plot of hair regrowth VS time graph using a hair growth agent. There are scientists out there somewhere actually counting hairs per sq cm.

More info @ NHS CHOICES website.


Some graphs are FUNNY but FAKE






These graphs use fake maths and fake numbers.

So mathspigs, watch out for the gaga graphs. They’re everywhere.

Here is a FAKE HAIR GRAPH. The hair is real. The graph is fake.



This chart can be found @ SMOSH.

In fairness to EMOs everywhere,

Mathspig thinks we need a few more

pie charts for other HAIR GROUPS.

Here is Mathspig’s Fake Graph :


57 % Suffer severe hair whiplash injury to groin.

19% Can belch the National Anthem.

17% Don’t realise they are dating their brother.

7%  Suffer Obsessive Compulsive Air Guitar Addiction.

You can make your own funny pie chart @ Free Graphs

Don’t forget it’s a jungle of hair out there and sometimes hair can be dangerous.

Here is an YouTube animation called The Danger of Hair