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Maths Girls a Go Go II

September 8, 2011

Vi Hart ( pic below) calls herself a mathemusician. She graduated  with a degree in music from Stony Brook University, NY, two year ago, but has always maintained an interest in maths. Last November she posted Doodling in Maths Class on You Tube, which as the New York Times explained ‘ married a distaste for the way math is taught in school with an exuberant exploration of math as art’. It went viral. Her youtube videos have collected over 1 million hits already.


The question for maths teachers is this:

Why didn’t Vi study MATHS at uni when she:

* is smart

* loves maths

* is mathematically creative

Was she booooooooored by high school maths?

Vi’s videos should be a must see for all maths teachers. They are fun and they encourage girls to take on the maths challenge.

Vi Hart: Infinity Elephants

Fun Jnr Maths Exercise in Fractals


Vi Hart: Binary Trees

Fun Introduction to Exponential Functions

You will find more videos @ Vi Hart Website.


1. Bart Simpson Moment

August 3, 2011








Kids who finish the classroom exercise can write lines Bart Simpson Style on the blackboard.


Here are some possibilities:

A scalene triangle does not have a skin disease.

The Bermuda Triangle did not swallow my maths homework.

Al-gebra is not a terrorist organisation.

I am not studying maths to become a maths murderer.

A Pie Chart is not a menu.


For senior students:

Trigonometry does not involve sin, secs and fake tan.

√666 is not the root of all evil.

An asymptote is not a small, loud farting sound.

A binomial function has nothing to do with sexuality.

A permutation is not a mutant hair treatment.

For inspiration and to use the Bart Chalkboard generator:


What are maths teachers for, sir?

July 17, 2009

A major fast food firm, all right, McDonald’s has put the entire Australian Year 7 – 12 Maths curriculum on line and it is FREE!!! #mce_temp_url#

I never thought I’d be enthusing over McAlgebra or McTrigonometry or McX, but this site has been recommended to me by maths teachers and it looks great. Students can view worked examples of maths problems, hear the problems solved step-by-step, work at their own pace and even track their progress through the website.

macca's CorrectionConfused_tns  

  If the entire maths curriculum can be accessed for free on line what ARE maths teachers for? 

  Gather round mathspigs and I will tell you why we need maths teachers. 

  Maths is boooooring for the majority of students. It needs a maths teacher to breath fire into the concepts to make them interesting, relevant and exciting. Otherwise, students feel maths is on a par with re-translating the dead scrolls. 

Mathspig’s mission is to provide maths teachers with fun, pop-culture based, media-savvy maths to excite students about the whole idea of maths. These topics can be used by maths teachers in the same way retailers use ‘loss leaders’. Get them in the door and you can sell ’em anything…. almost!!!!!!

Math_tns  Since maths teachers often moan about students not knowing their tables… here is a COOL MATHS GAME called

  MATH LINES : X-FACTOR which is all about using your knowledge of tables …quickly.  #mce_temp_url#

 This is how I would use it in the classroom. Get this game up on the Smartboard and call kids up one at a time to have a go!!!!!! It’s fun.

  And it is FREE  x FREE = FREE !!!!!!!!