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6. Hiccup Cure 1: Counting backwards from 100

July 9, 2013

One hiccup cure involves counting backwards from 100.

That’s maths folks! And maths seems a less painful cure than poking yourself in the eyes, drinking water with your nose blocked, drinking water through your nose or putting your fingers in your ears.
hiccup 21

An extensive post on Wiki How notes:

hiccup 8
‘Interestingly, some of these folk remedies are on the correct path by having at least some basis in the science of the hiccup and singultus. With home remedies, the methods that attempt to relax or stimulate the diaphragm tend to be the most effective.’

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Counting backwards from 100 hiccup Cure

not so much busted as

being as good as any other folk remedy.


7 Hiccup Cure II: Counting Forward

July 9, 2013

There are so many Folk Remedies for Hiccups you would think they cause some kind of madness.

Counting forward in fives is one such cure. It may not help your hiccups but it is good for learning your tables.

pic 12 hiccup cure……pic 11 GET-RID-HICCUPS-huge…..pic 13 paper bag….

hiccup cure 5…………

You will find everything you need to know about the anatomy of the hiccup and one bad-ass cure (involving aforementioned anatomy) here.

Counting forwards hiccup Cure Busted, sort of.