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6. If the pilot dies the control tower can talk you down.

January 3, 2019

So mathpigs, here is a small taste of what you would need to do to land a small aircraft in an emergency if the pilot is unconscious/dead.

A = Airspeed

Find airspeed indicator on instrument panel.

Instrument Panel Piper PA-28

Check speed.

Knots or mph or kph?

Avoid red zone. Too fast.

Knots outer scale. mph inner scale. Recommended velocity between blue & red.

B = Contact nearest air traffic controllers. 

1. Call MayDay MayDay MayDay

2.  Look for plane ID. It will be on instrument panel somewhere.

3. Check fuel.

On the Piper Cherokee there are 2 fuel tanks, R & L. Check both.

Check aircraft operating handbook to see fuel consumption and remaining time in air.

Quick calc.


C = Checklist

Follow Emergency Landing Checklist in aircraft operating handbook for Power OFF or Power ON landing.

Keep in mind, if your air speed is too low you can drop from air, but the higher the landing speed the bigger crash.

Crash energy increases with the square of speed. It’s a parabola!!!!!

The likelihood of a passenger with

NO flying experience landing a plane safely in an emergency is

very small.

The likelihood of a passenger with

NO MATHS skills landing a plane safely in an emergency is




6. If the pilot dies the control tower can talk you down.

November 16, 2009

200px-Air_Force_OneIt worked for Air Force One (1997) with Harrison Ford and in Airport 75 (1974). It even worked recently in real life.

Doug White, 56, flying with his wife and two daughters, was shocked when the pilot of the Air King twin-engine plane lapsed into a coma and then died. White had his pilot’s license but he had never flown a plane as large as this.Airport_film

He turned to his wife and two daughters, ages 16 and 18 and said “You all start praying hard.” Behind him, his wife trembled. Sixteen-year-old Bailey cried. Eighteen-year-old Maggie threw up. Fortunately, the control tower could relay messages from an Air King pilot to talk him down.( 13 April, 2009 The Guardian UK)


 The King Air aircraft is used by The Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service.

Air Speed = 545 kph   @  7,600m

Range = 3,338 km

We are going to use How to fly a plane in an emergency on the WikiHow website.     

Your pilots dead. You have to fly the plane. Open the above page. Keep it handy. Now read on but very, very FAST!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: When calculating the distance d remaining (below) I am using 1 / t   x 3,338 ie.  1 hr fuel time left/t total fuel time x 3,338

fly plane 1 Correction

fly plane 2 Correction