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10. Way Weird Maths

January 15, 2013

In the Way Weird Maths department are:

1. The Back Hair Coiff

 back hair number

2. The Fibonacci Hair Flip

 fibonacci hair flip


Fibonacci Hair

fibonacci hair

3. Fractal Jewellery

This jewellery made with diamonds and sapphires by Mark Newson for the jeweller Boucheron is based on the Julia Set shown below.

fractal jewllery by Mark Newson for boucheron…………………….

fractals Julia setJulia Set


4. Scary Math

Halloween or not, this guy is scary!!!!!

halloween geek

Could this be the math teacher you do not want to meet int he dark?


6. Geometric Hair

Mathspig calls this the Isosceles coiff (below). You have to see it from the Right Angle!!!

 geometric hair 2

The Cubic Hair. The model is actually saying ‘Geometry stole my brain’.

geometric hair 3 

The Tesselation tresses. The hard work is is walking into the wind so you don’t upset the tessellations.

geometric hair 4

7. Maths bling watch

Hammacher Schlemmer is offering The LED Matrix Watch for $79.9

How do you tell the time? Work it out mathspigs.

math bling watch 2.aspx

8. Maths is Evil Mug

See, maths is evil. We have the proof!!!

weird mug

9. Math Body Art

These are scary maths tatts. What if the tattooist failed maths? He might make a big mistake.  And you’d have maths teachers forever correcting your back … possibly with red pens.

 math knuckle tattoo….You wanna punch in the face by an inverse function

math tatt 2

………… I am the unit circle of an exponential cult!!!

math tattoo

…… I am a standard deviation or is that a deviant?

10. Truly scary math tatt.

Someone this crazy about math may not be stable.

 weird math 1

… I am the Math Murderer of your worst nightmares. (Cue: hysterical laugh.)


Weird Math Activity

Here is the challenge. Can your maths students make up clock faces (they need not be round) that tell the time using only:

1. triangles

2. algebra

3. matrices

4. fractions

5. a bar graph

6. a line graph

7. pi

8. trigonometry