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The Trigonometry Song

July 29, 2009

This song was given to me by Dr Michael Green General Manager, Innovation & Space Branch, from Department of Innovation, Industry, Science  and Research. He sang the song following Mathspigs efforts at being Freddie Mercury (See Maths Song page right)

sine squared etc

(Sung to tune of the French children’s song “Frere Jaque”)

pave-tol 2

Sine squared theta

Cos squared theta

Take these two

Take these two

Add them both together

Add them both together

They make one

They make one

Cours de trigo



Of course, this equation is just Pythagoras’ theorem with the hypotenuse normalised to 1.

Pictures:  Theatre on line #mce_temp_url# which hosts madmaths sessions shown (above) but unfortunately in French and ,um, in France. The madmaths geeks pictured are Soient Oliver Faliez and Kevin Lapin #mce_temp_url#