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Maths Girls a Go Go II

September 8, 2011

Vi Hart ( pic below) calls herself a mathemusician. She graduated  with a degree in music from Stony Brook University, NY, two year ago, but has always maintained an interest in maths. Last November she posted Doodling in Maths Class on You Tube, which as the New York Times explained ‘ married a distaste for the way math is taught in school with an exuberant exploration of math as art’. It went viral. Her youtube videos have collected over 1 million hits already.


The question for maths teachers is this:

Why didn’t Vi study MATHS at uni when she:

* is smart

* loves maths

* is mathematically creative

Was she booooooooored by high school maths?

Vi’s videos should be a must see for all maths teachers. They are fun and they encourage girls to take on the maths challenge.

Vi Hart: Infinity Elephants

Fun Jnr Maths Exercise in Fractals


Vi Hart: Binary Trees

Fun Introduction to Exponential Functions

You will find more videos @ Vi Hart Website.