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Awesome Math Mural

May 28, 2018

This math mural is on a high school wall, somewhere. It works because it has a street art vibe. Not a grade school math book look. That’s cool. 

Why not do something like this for your school.


9. Fashion Cube

February 5, 2016

10 Amazing ways to see a cube

Mathspig Cube 9.1

Katy Perry MTV Awards 2011

Mathspig Cube 9.2

Katy Perry ‘This is how we do’  … cubes? Video

Mathspig Cube 9.3

Christian Dior Haute Couture 2011

Don’t tell Katy Perry!!

Mathspig Cube 9.4

Cube Dress

for the girl who never wants to sit down.

Mathspig Cube 9.5

Dog Show Taiwan, Daily Mirror

…also doubles as a coffee table.

Mathspig Cube 9.6

 There is always some designer somewhere who wants to put

a model’s head in a bird cage or a cube.

Swarovski crystal-encrusted cube-shaped hat created by Nasir Mazhar

for the fashion designer Gareth Pugh in 2008


41 Maths things to do before you’re 12

September 1, 2014

Mathspig outdoor play quote

mathspig outdoor-play-app

A growing body of research shows us that outdoor play leads to better physical and mental health, has positive effects on cognitive function and learning, and reduces the incidence of behavioural problems.” Maria Zotti, Nature Play, SA.

Peter Dunstan, Principal Kilkenny PS, SA, writes in SAPPA magazine, Primary Focus, that outdoor play fosters “wonderment, independence and freedom” as well as “social skills, imagination, creativity and problem solving”.

Inspired by SAPPA and NaturePlay, which produced 51 Things to Do before you’re 12 Mathspig has produced her own outdoorsy maths list:

 Mathspig 41 maths things 1Mathspig 41 maths things 2mathspig 41 maths things 3

Mathspig 41 maths things 4mathspig 41 maths things 5


7. Robin Hood Give us your best shot.

9. You can measure the volume of your lungs by blowing one breath into a balloon and pushing it into a full bucket of water. Measure the overflow.

15: Outdoor Maths: Times Tables

21. Light intensity links. Here and here.

25.  Sound Volume Measurement

36. Killer heels that really kill.