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2. My Mum Says Survey

October 12, 2010



A survey is taken but the number of people surveyed is so small as to be irrelevant; not much better than simply asking your mum for her opinion and publishing the results.

Included here is a full-page Women’s Weekly (Oct 2010) ad for an Elizabeth Arden Anti-wrinkle Cream. Look at these wonderful statics. 92%… 85% …Wow! Look at the language. Gives eyes a ‘radiant and luminous look’ Sounds like the DEVIL!!!! Read the small print.

The survey was based on 30 participants and ‘results may vary’.



Dumb and, um, Dumber Customer Survey

May 4, 2009

New Scientist magazine reported 28th March that a company called Solar Plus UK claimed in leaflets that “99.98% of  Solar Plus customers said they would recommend Solar Plus to their family and friends. Based on a survey of 60 customers carried out in 2007 – 2008”.feedback-1

Mathspigs I want to know what number of people , according to Solar Plus, would not recommend their product.

(Note: Mathspig  scribbled the answer on the mag at right.)