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1 Fabulous Mathematical Chairs

April 9, 2013

Maths-is-Awesome Activity

Fabulous Mathematical Chairs

Skill: Arithmetic, geometry, measurement

Level: Junior, Middle School

Here are two brilliant ways of using maths to create something awesome. Firstly, using fantubes, you can build a chair.

You would have to work out how many fantubes  you need. Measure up a standard armchair and then divide the width and depth by the diameter of the fantube.

Or you could just count the number of fantubes in this picture. More info here. Then – this is the PR bit – invite the School Principal into Maths Class to sit on the chair. Will your principal have faith? Or chicken out?

104.1 fantubes-double-ei--537x377

Secondly you could make this folding cardboard chair.

104.2 beeld_main-ponoko


More info here.

It would be fabulous if every student made a cardboard chair and then you went into the school yard for a lesson!!!

That would get attention.

To make it more fun, how about adding a cardboard teacher!!

104.4 cardborad teacher


7. I’ve Got Rhythm

August 3, 2011







Watch this video clip. Get inspired. Then get outside. Start something.

This is a  You Tube clip of MTN Clap shot in Hillbrow Sth Africa.

Here are some lyrics from the MTN Clap shoot:

Three, six, nine

The goose drank wine

The monkey chewed tobacco

On the streetcar line

The line broke

The monkey got choked

And they all went to Heaven

In a little row boat

Clap, pat, clap, pat

Clap, pat, clap, slap

Clap, pat, clap your hand

Now the trick is to convert this to maths.

NB: √4 = Root 4.

Naught, 1,2

The goose drank glue

The monkey did some square roots

√4 it equals 2


The goose drank pee

The monkey said the goose is mad

√9 it equals 3


The goose drank more

The monkey said the honk would conk

√16 it is 4


The goose stayed alive

The monkey scratched his armpit

√25 is 5


The goose drank bricks

The monkey said the goose is gone

√36 is 6


In goose heaven

The monkey said I miss the goose

√49 is 7


The goose can’t wait

The monkey heard a goose ghost ‘hic’

√64 is 8


The goose drank wine

The monkey howled ‘Not again!’

√ 81 is 9


Drunk goose again

The monkey chased the hic-ing honk

√100 is 10


1. Hat Wearers Wear Hats

October 12, 2010



(Thanks Ivy for the No 1 rocket.)

Newspaper and magazine editors urge their readers to ‘click-on our website poll’ and then they publish the results in the next issue. The newspaper may learn about their readership. This is useful information for marketing but otherwise useless. It’s like asking hat wearers if they wear hats. Let me guess the answer? D’uh!

Included here are some results of two self-selecting surveys, which not only reveal the standard useless statistics but also some highly questionable numerical outcomes. In the Esquire Magazine Survey of Drinking (Sept 2010)  82% of their readers, who were willing to answer a survey about their drinking habits (Whereby, for some reason. 1 beer = 2 drinks), have a University Degree or higher (Or, maybe, 50% of them lie!!!!) and in the Health and Fitness (Oct 2010) magazine survey  – Guess what? – magically the numbers for all options add up to 100%. Neat! Didn’t anyone fit more than one category? (Assuming all readers of Health and Fitness mag who are bothered enough to answer a survey on fitness do some exercise.)