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2 Diamonds Are for Maths Class

April 9, 2013

Maths-is-Awesome Activity

Diamonds are for Maths Class

Skill: Geometry, scale, ratio, measurement

Level: Junior, Middle School

Here are some amaaaazing  cardboard creations by bartek elsner.

103.1 Cardboard-creations-by-Bartek-Elsner-7

103.2 Cardboard-creations-by-Bartek-Elsner-19103.4 Cardboard-creations-by-Bartek-Elsner-5

But the creation that is so beautifully geometric is this crow.

103.3 Cardboard-creations-by-Bartek-Elsner-10

Start here ……………

paper-diamond-8Before we get to crow level we better start with something more symmetrical.  Here are some cardboard diamonds. You will find the template for the cardboard diamond below at Minieco.