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YouTube Clip Money Making Maths

June 26, 2017

………………..How much money does a popular

………………………YOUTUBE clip make?

You will learn everything you need to know at 1 Million YouTube Views.  Now let’s do the maths!

Here are the TOP 3 YouTube Clips Ever. Their popularity is measured by Number of Views. 



View here.

2. Taylor Swift – Blank Space


View here.

3. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again. Charlie Puth (Furious 7)


View here.

YouTube uses an algorithm (ie. a formula) for calculating the amount of income earnt by a clip from advertising. There are multiple issues involved including how long viewers watch the ad, the demographics (age group) and the actual sales (Retailers actually do review ad costs vs increased sales. Always. They are not idiots.)

Here is  the basic method used to calculate ad revenue for a Youtube creator. Remember, a creator must have a minimum of 10,000 hits on their channel before any revenue is paid.

Of course, pop stars use Youtube as a promotion platform. They can earn money through multiple Youtube clips, sponsors, merchandise and live perfomances. Nevertheless, it is surprising how little money is earned by each clip.



View here.


Maths Mystery Box 2: CURIOUS

March 25, 2015

Maths Mystery BOX 2

Maths needs PR.

We need to talk it up. Spark their curiosity. Cafes, churches and libraries use chalkboards, billboards and prominent signs to get passersby thinking.

Why not maths?

Use a sandwich –style chalkboard ( if you are in a school where such a board wouldn’t be pinched or vandalised) or use a chalkboard or whiteboard in the maths room.


Mathspig chalkboard 1

monkey 1I’m the Maths Guru. Most people pick … Shhhh! … seven.


According to Alex Bellos, Favourite Number Survey, (The Observer, 12 Apr 2014) when asked to pick a number between 1 and 10 most people pick seven. This has a lot to do with our idea of randomness. One and ten do not seem random enough, nor do even numbers. This leaves three, five and seven as our choices. Forget nine. (Ooops! I did. You will too unless you have nine dogs or nine ex-wives/husbands or the like.) Five is in the middle and therefore does not seem random. We are left with two numbers and seven feels more random than three. According to Bellos

‘Seven “feels” more random. It feels different from the others, more special, because – arithmetically speaking – it is.’

Try it out!!!

Other PROMO signs you might put up in a maths room include:

2 chocolate chalk board

monkey 2aMaths Guru Answers here


3 Hunger games white borad

monkey 1

Maths Guru Answers here


4 Mass Murderer or maths teacher chalkboard

monkey 2aMaths Guru Answers here


5 Chewing gum white board

monkey 1Maths Guru Answers here


6 lava flow chalk board

monkey 2aMaths Guru Answers here


7 GPS whiteboard

monkey 1Maths Guru Answers here


1 Save the Planet chalk board

monkey 2aMaths Guru Answers here


8 Harry Potter chalk board

monkey 1

Maths Guru Answers here

9 bubbles chalkboard

monkey 2a

Maths Guru Answers here