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Jumping Hair Gel or Sticky Maths

May 17, 2011

Eurovison 2011

Here are JEDWARD, the ex X-Factor, UK,


identical twin contestants who have morphed into super


hair-gelled stars of Eurovision 2011.

Jumping Hair Gel, there is a lot of maths in hair products!!!!!



  There are all sorts of instruments for testing hair gel.

 It must be tested so that the same product is produced each time.

  This piece of equipment tests the ‘stiffness’ of hair gels. You can find a lot more hair product test equipment at the manufacturers.


The hair gel and mousse market is worth $US 581 million in USA alone.


  Hair gel contains polymers (long chain molecules) and alcohol. The alcohol dries off leaving the polymer clinging to the hair strand which consists of  long stands of proteins. The hair gel seals in the moisture making the hair firm. 


This piece of equipment tests the stiffness of hair gel on hair. Cosmetic chemists make up the product formulas, test the products and produce graphs like the one below.


Note: Hair gel becomes more floppy in humid conditions. RH is relative humidity.

You will find this graph and more information at the Styling Technology website.




You can see from this early photo that Jedwards’ hair is growing fast.

So, mathspigs, when will their hair be taller than Jedward?


We can work it out!


Jedward Height (according to Jedward) = 5ft 11 inch = 180 cm


Measuring Jedward on the Left in photo above:


Jedward Hair Height in pic= 1.7 cm


Jedward hairline to chin length in pic = 3.2 cm


Jedward hairline to chin in real life = 19.1 cm*


Jedward hair height in real life = x cm


*This measurement is the 50 percentile or median of hairline to chin measurements for adult males.

Jedward hair height = 10.1 cm


Jedward Height = 180 cm


When will Jedwards’ hair be taller than Jedward?


We must know something about hair growth.According to Tom Dawson of Procter & Gamble, the hair growth cycle for young, healthy scalps,involves  hair typically growing for three years then stopping  and remaining dormant for three months. You’ll find more information at the Happi website (Household and personal products industry)


Hair growth rate = 1.25 cm per month


But hair grows on average only 11 out of12 months:

Assuming Jedwards hair just keeps growing


and hair gel just keeps getting stronger then


Jedwards hair would be as tall as Jedward


in 12 years time!!!!!! 


Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! That’s spooky.


But Baby, my Feets too Big!!!!!

September 22, 2009

Confused_tnsThose Hippie Statisticians at The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)  are Navel Gazing Again!!!! . Here are the statistics for the height of students belly buttons above the ground for Year 4 – 12 students. ABS  #mce_temp_url#





height chart Correction


tom & kate


policeman_stop_tns Stop!!! WARNING!!!

Before we do any maths with students height mathspigs, be warned. Students can be teased or embarrassed by their height. Mathspig has always argued that a lampost is tall but does not have much of a personality. And a bee is very small but you’d be crazy to tease one. Nevertheless we will use celebrity heights and average student heights instead. 

Here we go!!!!!




 Look at the data. It is useless. THIS IS THE POINT. You have to make sense of data not just sprout numbers. Foot sizes actually shrink!!!! There is insufficient information. The ABS random sample size used was too small. So baby your feet might be too big… but we can’t tell from this data.









 Q2: Does the ‘average’ Aussie student have divine proportions?Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour

 The Vitruvian Man is a world-renowned drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1487. This sketch supposedly represents the perfect proportions in man. Measure Height and Belly Button Height of Vertruvian man. Divide his Belly Button Height by his full height.

We will call this the DIVINE FRACTION. 

How do Aussie Students compare? You have the data needed to calculate the DIVINE FRACTION for each year level.



Q3: How do the average heights of our  students  compare to students in other countries?

If we could took a very, very large number of student heights they would produce the graph below. It is a NORMAL DISTRIBUTION or A BELL CURVE. The curve below is for young adults in the USA. We do not know the actual number of students for each height.  

ADVANCED MATHSPIGS; You will find more data, a cute bar graph using students  and some interesting bimodal graphs (combining the Bell Curves for Female and Male heights) @#mce_temp_url#

How do Aussies compare? See the graphs below. We do not know how many students are involved. We can only say  our average Year 12 student is taller than the majority of their students!!! Ha! HA! If, that is, the data is reliable and the foot sizes suggest maybe NOT.

basket ball height Correction



height bell curve Correction


 Q 4:  How does the average height of  Aussie students for each Year level compare with celebrities? 

The pics and some stats come from The Sunday Age ( Coming Up Short 13th Sept 2009) . Here are some celebrity heights:

Lou Reed, Rock Star    1.65m

Nicolas Sarkozy  French President  1.65m

Napoleon   1.68 m

Syvester Styllone Actor 1.70 – 1.79m (No one is sure.)

Andrew Bogut, Aussie Basketball Champ (Pictured) now playing for the Milwaukee Bucks 2.13m

Tom Cruise, Actor  1.70 m

Katie Holmes, Actor  1.75 m

Nicole Kidman, Actor  1.79mmrocky

Keith Urban, Singer   1.78 m

Aaron Sanderlands and Peter Street, AFL Players    2.11 m

Gary Ablett jnr, AFL Brownlow Medal Winner 2009  1.80m

Roger Federer, Tennis Star    1.85m

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer   1.95m

Grant Hacket, Olympic Swimmer  1.98 m

Liesel Jones, Swimmer  1.78 m

Tyrone Smith, Rugby Union, 1.78 m

Digby Loane, Rugby Union   1.79 m

Cate Blanchett, Actor  1.74 m

bell curve2 Correction


Sledging Ricky Can Be Tricky!!!!

July 10, 2009

Cricket fans around the world have enjoyed billionaire Richard Branson’s latest stunt.  On the 9th July 2009 according to a report on , his face covered in the St George’s Cross  was projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the words “Good luck Ricky. You’ll need it. Dicky x”  . #mce_temp_url#

According to the picture from Richard’s grinning face filled one pier of the bridge. 


You can see that it can be tricky to sledge Ricky. Firstly, according to this AAP photo published on The Chronicle website #mce_temp_url#   you can see Richard Branson looks like he has escaped from a vampire movie. Maybe he is the grandad of Cullen in Twilight.


  Lets do the Vampire maths, mathspigs.

  Each pylon is 89 m high. 

           Now this calculation is all about ratio, Horatio!!!!! By measuring this photo mathspigs,  you can now work out:

          The width of the pylon.

          From the width of the pylon you can calculate the height of his head and the “length” of Gramp Vamp Branson’s teeth!!!!!!! 




Da Vinci

 If you look at this Leonardo Da Vinci drawing to the left you may actually see a Richard Branson likeness. But Richard Branson is alleged to be too young to have posed for this Da Vinci sketch. If, however, he was really a vampire … maybe. Andit would explain his interest in Virgins!!!

 Nevertheless, the issue we are intereseted in here, mathspigs, are the  proportions. And according to Wikipedia the average height of a person is 7 ( to 7.5) times their  head height. 

  Measure the height of Gramp Vamp Branson’s head and calculate his virtual height. This should put anyone off their cornflakes.