Happy Pi Day! Ooops! Not you Germany … or Holland, or Greece, or ….!

March 14, 2021


In Australia, we don’t get too carried away with 14 March aka Pi Day aka 3.14.21 because, unlike Americans,  we do not write the date as 3/14/21. We prefer 14/3/21.

No problem.

Meanwhile, the Germans, the Dutch, and other European countries do not call π ‘Pi’, they call it ‘P’ or ‘Pee’ because ‘i’ is pronounced ‘ee’, for instance, in German. 

So Happy π Day English speakers and now, for a laugh, look at some of our Pi or Pee jokes through the eyes of, say, a German.

Pi Day 2

That’s because of the beer.


One whole day dedicated to pee.

It’s epic!

Pi Day 3

Mathematicians in love .., awwww!

So cute or they’re pissed.

……………………………………..Pi Day 4

OK. ‘I 8 sum pi’ but adding the ‘delicious makes this weird for a German. D’Oh!

pi Day 5

Very expensive bottle of pee.

Pi day 6

Mmmm! Pecan pee.

Pi Day 8

Rabbit Pee must be a problem.

Pi Day 10

Dessert wine, maybe?

Pi Day 9

That’s, like, every day after a night out on the ‘piss’ as we so delicately call it in Australia.

pi Day 11

You too can have tasty pee. I don’t know how and frankly, I don’t want to know.

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