Medals, Meglomaniacs and Sharp Shooters…….. The Maths METRIC

May 10, 2019

When Mathspig recently saw images of some Russian soldiers covered in medals it prompted the question

‘Could medals protect the wearer from a sharpshooter?’ 

Mathspig was interested in this question because megalomaniac military dictators who take over countries by force tend to award themselves lots of medals. But they are also likely to be the target of sharpshooters from a liberation movement.


The target zone (circle) had a diameter of 1.9cm. This is smaller than the diameter of an American Quarter, an Australian 10c and a UK pound all of which have a diameter of appro 2.4 cm.

So the megolmaniac military dictator wins!!! He IS protected – on his chest – by his medals!!!!!! Unless the sharpshooter manages a ‘lucky’ shot.

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