April Fool Math TEST … USA units

March 27, 2019

2020 passed in a blur. Now we need to grab the student’s attention. This April Fool Maths Test should do it.

Tell your year 8 or 9 students this test is designed to test their ability to concentrate and use logic while doing a challenging test under pressure. 

Tell students to circle the ‘correct’ answer. Then wait to see how long it takes them to think you have totally lost the plot! You can make copies of the test using the PDF links below. You can put the answers up later on the smartboard or just read out the answers.

Mathspig April Fools Math Test 1 USA

Mathspig April Fools Math Test 2 USA

Mathspig April Fools Math Test ANSWER USA


  1. this has some great little maths tricks. I’ll be using them with my maths students. These kinds of tricks can really help keep students engaged and more interested in maths. Thanks for some more great ideas 🙂

    • Great to hear, Sara! Have fun, Mathspig

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