3. Anamorphic Cube

February 11, 2016

10 Amazing ways to see a cube

This is quite a challenge. The idea is to draw an anamorphic cube so that the image, once projected onto a curved surface looks like a cube. You will find the template or graph for this exercise on Mathspig here.

It took me several goes to get it … sort of … right.

Mathspig Cube 3.1

Step 1: Make silver foil/cardboard cylinder to fit the dotted circle on the grid below.

Mathspig Cube 3.2

Step 2: Draw in the corners of the cube on the square grid and match these corners on the curved grid.

Mathspig Cube 3.3

Step 3: Draw in the three vertical sides of the cube and match these lines on the curved grid.

Mathspig Cube 3.4

Step 4: Draw in the top and bottom horizontal sides of the cube on the square grid and match these on the curved grid.

Getting tricky now.

Mathspig Cube 3.5

Step 5: Draw in the blue, orange and green sides of the cube on the square grid and match these on the curved grid.

Mathspig Cube 3.6

Step 6: Place silver cylinder on dotted circle.

Mathspig Cube 3.7

Step 7: Can you see the cube?

Mathspig Cube 3.8

Step 8: Here’s a closer look.

An even better Anamorphic Cube.

Anamorphic Illusion Art of a Rubik’s Cube

By John Snow

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions by Brusspup


  1. hi kerry,

    i’ve been following your cubes posts with great enthusiasm the last few days and now it’s got to the stage where i have to send you some of ours!

    i don’t know whether you’d remember, but we met at the sorbonne a couple of years ago – erwin and i were building a zometool 600-cell with some students and you and your husband were visiting, on the way to new york, i think. since then, i’ve been receiving your wonderful blog and thoroughly enjoying the philosophy, despite my (almost legendary) lack of traditional maths skills. it’s never too late to learn – or at least to appreciate!

    anyway, as you’ve been sharing your cube explorations, i thought you should see our musings on the subject: an idea conceived of by carlos, diligently honed and whittled into a really exciting and ‘expanding’ product:


    i’m also sending you screenshots of two of my personal favourites. we’d love to hear your reaction to cryptocube and – if you felt it appropriate, would be delighted if you would include it in your further cube reflections. i read that you’re going to be in germany in the summer – maybe we could find a way to work together?

    we’d love to hear from you!

    all the best to you and your husband,


    Zometool Europa UG Lyn Taylor Rainbühlgasse 7 87541 Bad Hindelang Germany

    +49 (0)83324 933 6040

    • Hello Lyn,

      Of course I remeber both you and Erwin and your womnderful constructions. I’ll put up some links to the Cryptocube. Looks like such fun. I’ve been watching the construction on Youtube.

      aka Kerry

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