February 5, 2016

10 Amazing ways to see a cube

Now mathspiggies you may not want to do this in the maths classroom, but you could set this exercise as a homework project. Make it a general challenge.

eg. Homework Challenge: Make a cube out of edible products and photograph results.

Mathspig Cube 6.1

You will find out how to make a Fruit Salad Cube

on WikiHow … Do you need instructions?

Mathspig Cube 6.2

Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake

for Sweet 16

Mathspig Cube 6.3

You have to lerv a BORG CUBE CAKE.

It’s got lights and everything!


Mathspig Cube 6.4

You can grow fruit and some vegetables in square containers,

but this project would take a very, very long time!

Mathspig Cube 6.5

This is a Wonka Gobstopper Cube by Candydood.

You can work out how many gobstoppers it took to make the cube.

Yeah! 10x10x10!  That stops a lot of gobs.

I’m not sure if you can eat it. I suspect

glue may be the secret of success here.


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