Lego Mean, Median, Mode

January 15, 2016

Students can calculate the Mean, Median and Mode using Lego. Here is the exciting part:

The lego stacks become the graph


Draw a graph of No. of Blocks Vs No. of Prongs (per block) Make sure all blocks are the same height.

Mean median mode Lego 1

Start with 40 bricks.

Mean median mode Lego 2

Sort into Stacks to create graph of

 No. Prongs Vs No. Bricks

Mean median mode Lego 2a

This is a close up of the stacks above.

Mean median mode Lego 3

The no. of bricks in each stack is written on top of the stack.



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  5. The median is the middle one when they are all in order. This is easy if there is an odd number. If there is an even number you take the average of the middle two. The average of 4prongs and 6 prongs is 5 prongs. The mode is the number of progs which occurs most often. There are 12 four prongs so 4 is the mode.

    • Hello Ann, this is one really clever comment because it illustrates some of the problems involved with statistics and that problem is accurate definitions. So I’m thinking we’re looking at the number of blocks (with different numbers of prongs) first and I just average the number of blocks…. but you are looking at the number of prongs first. That will give a different answer just as you have suggested. Keep up the good logic. Cheers Mathspig

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